Past Exhibitions

Lucent Shifts

Artist: Olga Lah

Terminal 7 Gallery

Lucent Shifts is an art installation made from discarded material.  Sheets of reflective plastic are attached together to create a glistening presence, its surface constantly transforming to mirror its active and moving surroundings.  The changing light throughout the day creates a different awareness from one period of time to the next.   The work’s free form is ambiguous and places significance on an intuitive encounter of the work.  

For artist Olga Lah, the piece is about a progression of transcendence that interrupts ordinary space.  The installation aims to alter the context of the site in order to invite a chance moment of reflection, and create a sense of thaumazein, or wonder, a Greek philosophical term that engages with how the experience of astonishment points to greater truths about the everyday. The bearing of awe is what may introduce a greater perception of the environment.  The momentary observation of this installation intends to spark memory, and explore how the recollection of a brief experience can bring about an unfolding of perspectives. 

Olga Lah is a second generation Korean-American, born and raised in the Los Angeles area.  She now resides in Long Beach, California.  She received a double B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from the University of California at Riverside.  She also received an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. She creates site-specific installations, typically with commonplace materials, that point to ideas on existence and the nature of reality. 



Photos courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

LAX Art at Home, Olga Lah, Lucent Shifts, video, 2020

Video courtesy of Los Angeles World Airports

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