Past Exhibitions

Points of Entry

Artist: Martin Durazo

Terminal 1

Points of Entry features a series of abstract paintings influenced by the multiplicity of the cultural landscape of Southern California. These works draw upon the diversity of sounds, sights and attractions created by the vibrancy of the city: the striking nature of club culture and bright lights of Hollywood to the north; the lively fiestas of the east side; the soulful drum beats of the south side; and the startling blue-green ocean waves of the west side. The paintings merge intense, vivid emotions and polished aesthetics, reflecting the intersection of high and low cultures converging upon the diverse city that is Los Angeles. Layered sheens of paint created by large sweeping marks further speak to the cultural engagement of Los Angeles as a portal to a nation that thrives on the contributions of varied peoples and communities with distinctly different traditions and cultures. These works are meant to inspire continued excitement and discovery in all people arriving in Los Angeles; no matter how many times one visits or returns to LA, there is always something new to see.

Martin Durazo is a Los Angeles-based multi-media artist whose work explores urban settings and subcultures. He has exhibited at numerous prestigious venues locally, nationally and internationally, including ArtForum Berlin, MexiCali Biennial, and Art Basel Miami Beach. Durazo holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Art from Pitzer College.

Photo courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

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