Past Exhibitions

Lost in the Sky

Guest Curator: Lauren Albrecht
Artists: Miya Ando, Natalie Arnoldi, Lia Halloran, Bradley Hankey, David Malin, and Debra Scacco

Terminal 7 Gallery

Lost in the sky is an exhibition of artwork that strives to evoke the universal sense of awe and wonder one often experiences while gazing at the sky. The artworks of Miya Ando, Natalie Arnoldi, Lia Halloran, Bradley Hankey, David Malin, and Debra Scacco celebrate the brilliance of the universe. Several of the works pay homage to the Light and Space Movement, a form of art founded by Southern California artists in the 1960s that used light to alter the perception of the viewer. Other works attempt to explore beyond physical or visible boundaries to reveal our inner emotional conditions. Lost in the sky allows travelers to appreciate these artworks for a variety of different reasons and through diverse artistic lenses.

The six artists included in this exhibition work with painting, photography, and digital media, and cover a wide range of aesthetic approaches.

Both Lia Halloran and David Malin draw inspiration from astronomy and scientific discovery; their work embodies the galaxy and the human desire to understand it. Debra Scacco’s piece represents her physical and psychological experiences of travel based on the flight path that connects three cities she calls home. Natalie Arnoldi’s paintings hover on the cusp between abstraction and figuration, presenting hauntingly beautiful ambiguous images. Miya Ando’s reflective paintings capture the ephemerality of the sky’s shifting light through the material permanence of metal, while Bradley Hankey uses a cell phone to photograph a fleeting light-filled moment of the urban landscape to later translate into a painting that perfectly captures a vibrant sunset against the Los Angeles skyline. Brought together in this exhibition, these artworks seek to inspire and inform our endless fascination with the firmament.

Curated by Lauren Albrecht, DPA Fine Art Consulting
Special thanks to DeeDee Postil Krawczyk

Photo courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

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