Artist: Olga Lah

Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B)

Translation, an installation made of hundreds of paperback books, is about the narrative of life and how the perception of our memories shape whom we are choosing to become.  A definition of ‘translation’ means to cross over without being able to carry everything.  As we journey from place to place what is experienced and carried through into our lives?  What moments are translated into the greater story of our reality? The white pages of books toward the end of this installation points to the future—the personal and larger narrative can continue in the possibility of transformation and hope. 



Olga Lah is a second generation Korean-American, born and raised in the Los Angeles area.  She now resides in Long Beach, California.  She received a double B.A. in Studio Art and Art History from the University of California at Riverside.  She also received a M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.  Her interest in the intersection between theology and art led her to an art practice exploring these themes in site-specific installations and sculpture.  She creates works that point to ideas on existence, transcendence and memory. 

Photo courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

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