Artist: David Jang

Terminal 3

David B. Jang’s multi-media kinetic sculptures and installations are the outcome of his artistic re-appropriation of everyday materials. In these three performative installations, Jang deconstructs and re-programs industrial and commercial cast-offs to examine our dependence on machines, and our intimate relationship with technology in our daily lives.

Rooted in a playful critique of consumerism combined with his thirst for novelty, Jang’s work shifts the viewer’s attention away from the product and toward the process and culture of consumption. By exploring the short life of cast-off materials and their relationship to organic mortality, Jang’s resulting work is engaging and subtly provocative, confronting viewers with their habit of experiencing the world indirectly, through versions we have contrived for ourselves.

As an artist, Jang’s work explores consumer materials beyond their intended purpose to reveal new relationships. Through experimentation, Jang aims to construct machines into genuine objects of supreme beauty, while making them venerable and meaningful, an unintentional reflex of human self-consciousness.



Photo courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

Video courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

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