Dance Language

Guest Curator: Tonia Lynn-Barber of Dance Camera West

Terminal 3

A single floating body hovers in the depths of an ocean, sand particles drift suspended in air, a dancer emerges from a pale white forest mist. These are just some of the breathtaking images viewers will encounter in this exhibition within the six short narrative stories through the universal language of screendance. This type of visually aesthetic filmmaking encapsulates dance created specifically for film. The films are created by top international female filmmakers and choreographers from around the globe. Their films will take viewers on a visual experience transcending language, cultural and economic barriers.

Dance Camera West is a Los Angeles-based dance media film festival that aspires to awaken and infuse the public mainstream with a desire for critical creative programming. The vision of Dance Camera West is to present the visual language of dance on screen in a way that stretches the imagination and changes the way we think about dance. This collection of films is in celebration of the many wonderful female filmmakers from around the globe.

Curated by Artistic Director Tonia Lynn-Barber.

Photo courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

Tonia Lynn-Barber "Dance Language" Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 3

Video courtesy of Los Angeles World Airports

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