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Furniture as Art as Furniture

Guest Curators: Stephen Courtney and Harold Greene

Terminal 3

Furniture as Art as Furniture is a juried exhibition of studio furniture, representing some of Southern California’s finest individual furniture makers, designers, architects, artists, and woodworking students. Studio furniture is defined as one-of-a-kind or limited edition designs that are handmade in a studio or workshop, as opposed to a factory. Working with a variety of woods, as well as unexpected materials, such as mud or antler, the designers in this exhibition create functional objects while also expressing personal narratives, social commentary, and humorous insights.

Like studio art, studio furniture designs reflect the personal vision of their maker. Some makers are minimalists, while others are more experimental, embracing computer-driven tools and technologies, and incorporating synthetic materials intended for industrial purposes. At the same time, studio furniture must always serve the minimum requirements of functionality, as seen in Paul Henry’s single table leg with its tiny drawer.

In part, this exhibition is a tribute to Sam Maloof, one of the founders of the American Studio Furniture Movement. Sam had a home studio in Alta Loma, an inland area east of Los Angeles. His work sits in the White House, and is held in many museum collections. Known for the sculptural quality of his work, Sam’s Musician’s Chair is included here.

The twenty pieces presented here were selected from over 300 entries created by 120 studio furniture makers. As an extension of this exhibition, an expanded catalog was produced to further illustrate the depth and diversity of studio furniture makers working in the region. To request a catalog, please visit

Stephen Courtney and Harold Greene, Curators


Photos courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

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