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A Place for Us All

Artist: Sarah "Buckley" Samiani

Terminal 3, Departures Level Lobby 

LAX is a temporary space of cohabitation for roughly 241,000 people per day, and yet amidst the constant movement there is a calmness, a rhythm of efficiency and flow, a shared quietness where we contemplatively pass through long stretches of an indoor/outdoor world designed for simultaneous pause and transition. Every day, around the clock, an example of human collaboration plays out steadily, symphonically. Here, we can appreciate coexistence and experience belonging beyond borders or differences. Here, we come to trade worlds and build connections beyond distances.

For her mural A Place for Us All, artist Sarah “Buckley” Samiani expands on themes of movement and energy, creating a work that is meant to feel both modern and timeless, the way that Los Angeles perfectly fuses its luminous history with its constant expressions of reinvention. The colors mimic the environment of the city: sky blues, sunset sherbets, subtropical earth reds and oranges mixed with floral pinks and foliage greens, and a few jewel tones to add a sense of luxury to represent the eye-catching boldness for which Los Angeles is so famous. Lastly, this mural reflects the imagination, the leisurely yet active rhythm, the dynamic creativity, and the elegance that LA encapsulates like nowhere else in the world. 

SARAH “BUCKLEY” SAMIANI is a multi-disciplinary artist and thinker. Creating scenes of a mythological ancient-future society, she imagines what life on Earth would look like with an evolved collective value system. Buckley’s symbolism emphasizes the power of feminine principles and self-inquiry practices as key pathways to intersectional harmony. Buckley lives and works in Bologna, Italy, and Los Angeles, CA.

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Photos courtesy of Delta and Los Angeles World Airports. Click image to zoom.

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