P3 Surface Lot to Close for Construction Activities

Date: May 29, 2018

Details: LINXS, the developer for the Automated People Mover (APM), will close the P3 Surface Lot within the Terminal Loop. The lot will be used for construction activities such as potholing, staging, storage and the construction of a pedestrian walkway that will connect the western APM station with Terminal 3. The lot will be permanently closed for the duration of the APM construction, through 2023. This closure removes 118 parking spaces, which represents 1.3% of parking in the terminal area.

While the Lot 3 surface lot will be closed, many alternative parking options remain. Parking Structure 3 remains open, as do the other Parking Structures in the Terminal Loop. Other parking options include Lot C or local private parking lots. Guests are always encouraged to consider taking public transportation, including the FlyAway, or shared ride vans to reduce stress and congestion. Guests who want to park in the terminal area are encouraged to prepare in advance by checking parking availability here.

Note to media: Spaces will remain for permitted media vans and satellite trucks in the Lot 3 surface lot.

For additional information about the Automated People Mover project, visit http://www.flylax.com/connectinglax.

For questions, contact Stephanie Sampson (424-646-7309).

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