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     (Los Angeles, California – September 26, 2014) Los Angeles Airport Police will promote 34 civilian and sworn personnel during a promotional ceremony at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), on September 29 at 10 a.m. in the Samuel Greenberg Board Room at the Clifton A. Moore Administration Building, 1 World Way, Los Angeles, California.

     Honorees will include two new Captains, seven new Lieutenants, 14 new Sergeants, one Senior Management Analysts II, two Principal Security Officers and eight senior security officers.

     Captains Fernando Castro and Mario Patrick; Lieutenants Henry Acosta, Anthony Boisselle, Imer Chavez, Marlo Richardson, Michael Scolaro, Masis Sosskian and Vern Williams; Sergeants Christopher Azevedo, Steven Balandran, Eren Barron, Jose Canal, Sasheen Cooper, Adonis Cutchlow, Todd Edwards, Heriberto Gonzalez, Belinda Joseph, Edward Martinez, Karla Ortiz, Manuel Portillo, Lance Schoenbaum and Peter Trance; along with Senior Management Analyst II Madeleine Flanagan; Principal Security Officers Edward Goodman, Rae Ann Rowley; Senior Security Officers Dana Bryant, Julio Calderon, Jeanette Carter, Ryan Carter, Charles Daher, Taye Meshesha, Javier Parga and Michael Rodriguez will all be promoted during the ceremony.

     Los Angeles Airport Police Chief and Deputy Executive Director of Homeland Security Patrick M. Gannon will conduct the ceremony’s swearing-in before executive staff, family, friends and other police personnel.

     Chief Gannon said, "I am very proud of all our newly selected leaders. Their strong abilities will be the key to the success of the Airport Police organization today and for years to come. Congratulations on this great accomplishment and I look forward to working with each of you."

     Captain Castro, a 27-year Airport Police veteran is currently assigned as Commanding Officer in Patrol Services Section. Captain Patrick, a 21-year veteran, is the current Commanding Officer in Homeland Security Section. Lieutenant Acosta has 30 years and is currently assigned to Van Nuys Airport. Lieutenants Boisselle with 15 years, Chavez with 14 years, Richardson and Scolaro both with 15 years are all assigned to the Patrol Services Section. Lieutenant Sossikian, a 16-year veteran, is assigned to Special Project Unit and Lt. Williams with 11 years is assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit.

     Sergeant Azevedo, with 13 years, is assigned to the Emergency Projects Unit. Sergeants Balandran, Gonzalez, Canal and Cooper are all assigned to Patrol Services Section and have 8, 15, 11 and 13 years respectively with the Division. Sergeant Cutchlow, a 12-year veteran, is assigned to the Office of Support Services. Sergeants Edwards and Joseph both have 7 years and are also assigned to Patrol Services Section. Sergeant Martinez a 15-year veteran is assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorist Task Force. Sergeant Ortiz a 10-year veteran is currently assigned to the Office of the Chief of Police. Sergeants Portillo, Schoenbaum and Trance have 30, 8 and 14 years, respectively, and are also assigned to Patrol Services Section.

     Principal Security Officers Goodman, with 26 years of City service, and Rowley, with 23 years, are assigned to Traffic Services Section. Senior Management Analyst II, Madeleine Flanagan with 26 years is assigned to the Office of Support Services. Senior Security Officers D. Bryant, J. Carter, R. Carter, Calderon, Daher, Meshesha, Parga and Rodriguez have 9, 14,10½, 6 ½, 11, 9, 11 and 8 years with the City of Los Angeles respectively, are all assigned to the Security Access Control Unit.

     The Los Angeles Airport Police Division is the nation's premier aviation law enforcement agency with more than 1,100 specially trained police officers, security officers, and civilian staff protecting Los Angeles International, LA/Ontario International and Van Nuys airports.


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