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Issue Date: 11/02/2011

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Since 9/11 LAWA has made an unprecedented commitment to safety and security, spending more than $1.6 billion dollars on operating expenses and capital improvements. 

There are 767 law enforcement officers at LAX, twice the number of officers at any other major US airport.  Prior to 9/11 there were 517.

Since 9/11, LAWA has spent nearly $1.1 billion dollars on operating expenses for safety and security.

Since 2006, LAWA has spent a total of $387 million on capital improvements related to safety and security, including the following major items:

  • Perimeter Fencing to date (3 or 4 phases) $23.8 million (an additional $30 million has been allocated for phase 4)
  • In line baggage - $478 million
  • Over $2 million spent for Bollards in the Central Terminal Area
  • New badging system $2.5 million
  • Building new Airport Response Communication Center (ARCC) $12.1 million
  • Over $50 million for IT projects completed, in process and planned that will significantly improve detection and enhance communications between LAWA and other law enforcement agencies operating at LAX
  • Additional $22.3 million on miscellaneous projects and upgrades
  • Airport Police created a remote vehicle inspection process considered state of the art for airports.  LAX is the only US airport using random vehicle inspections in the Central Terminal Area on an ongoing basis.
  • LAX leads the nation with more than 30 dogs in its combined Airport Police/LAPD canine corps (more than twice any other airport and the first to have vapor wake detection canines in service)
  • LAX has high visibility patrol operations and a bicycle detail

An additional $185.2 million in capital spending has been allocated for additional security projects already underway, for a total of $571.7 million in capital improvements related to safety and security.

In addition, various federal agencies have enhanced the security they provide at LAX, including TSA with its extensive passenger and cargo screening programs, including installation of 22 body scanners at LAX.

Since 2000, violent and property crime at LAX has decreased significantly.  From January 2000 through October 2011, violent crime is down 71-percent; property crime is down 69-percent.  Overall Part One Crime is down 70-percent.

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