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(Los Angeles, California – May 13, 2013)  Twenty-seven officers of the Los Angeles Airport Police Security Access Control (SACU) and Traffic Control (TCU) units have been certified Lead Training Officers.  Airport Police Chief Patrick M. Gannon and Assistant Chief Brian Walker presented the officers with certificates at a recent ceremony held at the Flight Path Learning Center & Museum at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  The ceremony marked the officers’ completion of an 80-hour Lead Officer Training Program.   
The first 40 hours of the program were conducted in house and included subjects such as leadership and customer service.  Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy David “Lee” Baca was a guest speaker on leadership, integrity, and pride of the job.   
The second half of the program was taught by Kaminsky, Sullenberger and Associates, who are considered pioneers and leaders in Field Training Officer programs.  Additionally, the security and traffic officers undertook a three-day, train-the-trainer course and cross training, which allow all Lead Training Officers to know the functions, duties and responsibilities of other units and to be able to then train other officers.    
The training program was coordinated by Airport Police Captain Carolyn Smith, Officer John Youngblood, SACU and TCU Coordinator Sergeant Melonie Hodge-Harrell, SACU Lieutenants Edward Goodman and Rae Ann Rowley, and SACU Sergeant Michael Scott. 
Captain Smith served as master of ceremony and speakers included Los Angeles World Airports Deputy Executive Director of Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Services Arif Alikhan and Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon. 
"Training experienced security and traffic professionals at Los Angeles World Airports is a top priority,” said Chief Gannon.  “This new training endeavor will ensure security and traffic officers receive consistent and effective training." 
Recipients of the Lead Training Officer certifications are:  Sergeants Angela Bell, Robert Foston, Oscar Santos, David Turner, and Bernard Wilder; Officers Henry Aiguokhian, Traci Atkins, 
Gabriel Boyd, Ryan Carter, Tyrant Chisholm, Levar Doucet, Cynthia Farris, Michael Fennell, Liliana Garcia, Tamika Johnson, Toya Johnson, Edgar Lopez, Jose Lopez, Francisco Martinez, Zubayr Muhammad, Afanisy Neyman, Ruben Robledo, Javier Parga, Darryl Robinson, Kevin St. Cyr, Robert Walker, and Donna Williams. 
The Los Angeles Airport Police Division is the nation's premier aviation law-enforcement agency with over 1,100 specially trained police officers, security officers, and civilian staff protecting Los Angeles International, LA/Ontario International, and Van Nuys airports. 
From top to bottom, left to right; Security Access Control Unit and Traffic Control Unit Officers Tyrant Chisholm, Ryan Carter, Zubayr Muhammed, Gabriel Boyd, Michael Fennell, Javier Parga, Sgt. Robert Foston, Sgt. Oscar Santos, Ruben Robledo, Afanasiy Neyman, Robert Walker, Lt. Edward Goodman, Henry Aiguokhian, Darryl Robinson, Sgt. Bernard Wilder, Sgt. Michael Scott, Edgar Lopez, Francisco Martinez, Kevin St. Cyr, Donna Williams, Toya Johnson, Jose Lopez, Sgt. Angela Bell, Cpt. Carolyn Smith, Lt. Rae-Ann Rowley, Sgt. Melonie Hodge-Harrell,  Assistant Chief Ethel McGuire, Chief Patrick Gannon, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, Assistant Chief Michael Hyams, Tamika Johnson, Traci Atkins, and Lillian Garcia. 

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