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(Los Angeles, California – March 12, 2014)  Los Angeles Airport Police Officer Maxine Ford, a five-year veteran assigned to Patrol Services Section, was honored as Officer of the Year on March 11, 2014 at Law Enforcement Appreciation Night hosted by the Westchester Elks Lodge. This event was held to recognize and honor law enforcement’s finest sworn/civilian men and women, whose service to the Westchester community has set them apart over the past year.
Officer Ford was nominated to be honored for the hard work and dedication she displays not only to the Los Angeles Airport Police, but also to Los Angeles World Airports.
Recently, Officer Ford assisted a Hawaiian family of seven, including four small children, who had been stranded at the LAX for four days. Unexpected events had depleted the family’s funds and they found themselves unable to purchase airline tickets to travel back home. They had been attempting to go to numerous airlines for discounts but none were able to help. The family also tried getting help from other entities like church groups and the United Way and even resorted to begging for money from other passengers; but all their efforts were unsuccessful.
After speaking with the family, Officer Ford, with the assistance of Officer Teresa Moore, went to several airlines to see if any of them could lower their rates for this family. Eventually, they were referred to contact Hawaiian Airlines Corporate Office who agreed to accept whatever funds the family had available and schedule them with a flight back home to Honolulu the following day. In addition, Hawaiian Airlines provided the family with a hotel stay for that night. The following day, Officer Ford followed up with the family at Terminal 2 to ensure that they were able to catch their flight. The family was forever grateful for the assistance they received at LAX.
The devotion that Officer Ford projected is an example of what she does every day she comes to work. It is due to her dedication to the organization throughout the year, generosity, professionalism and concern for the well-being of others, that she was honored on this special occasion.
As Chief of Airport Police Patrick Gannon presented Officer Ford with the Officer of the Year Award, he said, “As Chief of Airport Police, I appreciate a good employee. I have heard from several supervisors and fellow officers of her great performance along with her perfect attendance. This is the kind of officer you want in the highest tradition of law enforcement.”
Also in attendance was Airport Police Assistant Chief Michael Hyams, Captain Fernando Castro, Lieutenant Michael Scolaro, Sergeant Steve Zouzounis, Sergeant Belinda Joseph, Officer Theresa Moore, Officer Janette Utsey. Proudly accompanying Officer Ford to the ceremony were her husband, father, mother and her best friend.
The Los Angeles Airport Police Division is the nation's premier aviation law-enforcement agency with over 1,100 specially trained police officers, security officers, and civilian staff protecting Los Angeles International, Ontario International, and Van Nuys airports.

From left to right: Lt. Michael Scolaro, Cpt. Fernando Castro, Ofcr. Maxine Ford
and Chief of Airport Police Patrick M. Gannon 

Photos Courtesy CSI Unit

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