Professional Standards

Professional Standards

This section is dedicated to fully uphold and adhere to the provisions of Los Angeles World Airports Police's mission statement.  Its efforts are directed toward attracting and hiring qualified police personnel through community outreach and recruitment events.  The PSS presents and oversees the delivery of a variety of comprehensive and professional training, including Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and legislatively mandated courses.  The PSS conducts Internal Affairs and background investigations for prospective new police personnel and investigates reports of employee misconduct at LAX, LA/Ontario International and Van Nuys Airports.  The section applies overall professional standards for Airport Police, as well as comprehensive deployment management and audit services. Under the direction of the Commanding Officer, the Professional Standards Section ensures Airport Police personnel meet or exceed all standards of training and conduct expected of personnel working for a complex aviation law enforcement organization.  The unit's goal is to maintain the trust of the community, which is critical to the success of policing efforts and a valuable resource to building relations within the community.

Key Functions Performed

  • Recruitment, background reviews, and recommendations for the selection of qualified Police Officer candidates
  • Selection, presentation and facilitation of appropriate and comprehensive training
  • Development and maintenance of Training Cadres to supplement Training Unit Staff in the presentation of required training courses
  • Ensuring California Peace Officers’ Standards and Training (POST) and other training requirements and standards are met and maintained
  • Timely development and promulgation of policies and procedures
  • Conduct of internal investigations into allegations of employee misconduct
  • Support the overall mission of the Airport Police Division and the Office of Support Services

Range Unit 
The Range Unit ensures compliance with all federal, state and local regulations pertaining to the use of firearms and deadly force by ensuring personnel assigned firearms maintain a level of proficiency in their use. The Range Unit is also responsible for maintaining compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and laws pertaining to range operations.

Trainer giving instruction Police practice shooting Trainer observing

Training and Recruitment Unit
The Training and Recruitment Unit (TRU) meets the needs of the Airport Police Division by fostering an environment which facilitates continuing education and training for all personnel.  This is accomplished by facilitating training that addresses specific job functions, and/or meets local, state and federal mandates, as well as encouraging personal career development.  TRU personnel develop division-wide training to satisfy POST mandates; coordinate training to meet divisional demands; conduct pre- and post-academy training; monitor recruit officers’ progress in the academy; and provide pre-employment workout programs.

Officers Salute Officer congratulated Officer with certificate

Honor Guard Program
The Honor Guard Program was originally established to provide honors for Officer Tommy E. Scott, the first Airport Police officer killed in the line of duty in 2005.  A need for recognition of fallen heroes was acknowledged by division management for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, who die in the course of serving our country.  As a result, a detail was formed to continuously provide honors as requested from airline tenants at LAX.

Officers in parade rest Officers at rest Cadets holding flag

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