LA Ontario International Airport

LA Ontario International Airport

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The LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT) Public Safety Division was formed in 1971 after Los Angeles World Airports assumed responsibility for operating the airport.  This section consists of Airport Safety Officers (APOs) who are sworn officers, fully-trained and state-certified as peace officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.  They are tasked with the dual function of meeting Aircraft Rescue and Firefighter (ARFF) mandates, as well as Airport Security mandates of California Federal Rules & Regulations to serve the needs of the airport.  Many officers are also certified in hazardous materials and urban search and rescue, while others are certified and deployed as explosive detection canine handlers. 

The division maintains a 24/7 operation.  APOs provide continuous high visibility and law enforcement services to the traveling public, tenants and their employees, and visitors throughout ONT to deter, prevent and suppress criminal activity. 

The division maintains strong partnerships with the airport community and allied public safety agencies at ONT.  The priority is to provide a high level of law-enforcement service to the travelling public and the local communities surrounding the airport. 

ONT Airport Public Safety Division is managed and operates with the following units: 

The APOs' dual-duty assignments as Aircraft Rescue and Firefighters (ARFF) and as sworn Airport Police Officers operate on a three-platoon system that includes a full range of police vehicles, canine handlers, ARFF vehicles, firefighting equipment, rescue squad, hazardous material vehicles and a decontamination unit, etc. 


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Security Access Control Unit

The Security Access Control Unit's mission is to control access to secured areas by positioning personnel at multiple locations throughout ONT, while providing efficient service to airport users.  This unit enforces federally mandated regulations regarding airfield access and provides alarm response and entry control to restricted areas.  The Security Access Control Unit also controls access to various facilities throughout ONT, which include inspections of both personnel and vehicles entering restricted areas.


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Communications Unit 

The mission of the Communications Unit is to provide protection of life and property by quickly dispatching public safety personnel to incidents and conducting status updates as needed.  The unit also provides emergency notifications and status updates during critical incidents.  These tasks are accomplished through detailed, accurate communications between police and fire personnel and through protection of sensitive and restricted law enforcement information.


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