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Homeland Security & Intelligence Section

The mission of the Homeland Security and Intelligence Section (HSI) is to receive and disseminate intelligence information; provide enhanced law enforcement/security to special airline flights, events and dignitaries; and provide an immediate response to major incidents, emergency calls, unusual occurrences, and tactical situations.  HSI also develops and coordinates emergency response and mitigation plans; assists in airport operational recovery from terrorist events and/or emergency situations; and ensures compliance with aviation security laws, protocols, rules and regulations at LAX and LA/Ontario International Airport.
The Homeland Security and Intelligence Section performs the above functions throughCaptain Greg Staar six specialized units:

Canine Unit
The Canine Unit's mission is to enhance the law enforcement services of Airport Police through high-visibility patrols in public areas, physical deterrence, unattended-vehicle and article investigations, explosives detection, and public service to the aviation community. The Canine Unit also conducts random and directed searches of cargo facilities, terminals, U.S. mail, aircraft and baggage handling areas.

The Canine Unit also assists the Patrol Services Section by responding to calls for K-9 service, such as criminal suspect searches, and assists the LAPD Bomb Squad as needed.

The Canine Unit at LAX is considered the largest K-9 team among all U.S. airports.

Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis Unit 
The Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis Unit's (VAAU) mission is to ensure a safe environment for business and travel at LAWA's airports through compliance with the airports' comprehensive Airport Security Programs (ASP) -- emphasizing security awareness, physical security and participation of all those who travel or conduct business at all LAWA airports.  VAAU coordinates the security activities of all persons and property at the airports by conducting security surveys for compliance with the ASP, Airport Rules and Regulations, and Transportation Security Regulations (TSRs).

VAAU also conducts follow-up investigations of reported security breaches; audits airport tenants to ensure compliance with the ASP and TSRs; and recommends security compliance improvements.  It also inspects access control and security systems and attends pre-construction meetings to ensure compliance with security requirements before construction begins.

VAAU is the primary liaison to the Transportation Security Administration.  Its officers compile weekly and monthly activity reports, as well as maintain, distribute and amend Airport Security Programs.

VAAU conducts random screening of airport employees and provides on-going training in such areas as Aviation Security, Vehicle Inspections, Access Control Measures, and Prohibited items for the safety and security of the airport environment.

Dignitary Protection Unit
The Dignitary Protection Unit's (DPU) mission is to ensure dignitaries arriving and departing LAWA's airports receive the proper protection and courtesies while at the airports.  DPU liaises with federal, state, local and international law-enforcement agencies and the Los Angeles Consular Corps.

DPU provides dignitary protection protocol training for Los Angeles-based consulates, and provides protection details to ensure the safe movement of foreign heads of state; local, state and federal officials; and other high-threat persons into and out of LAWA airports.  The unit also coordinates related intelligence information through appropriate local, state, federal and foreign agencies.

Emergency Operations and Planning Unit (EOPU)
The mission of the Emergency Operations and Planning Unit is to build and sustain plans and capabilities necessary to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from, the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to aviation security. To accomplish its mission, EOPU personnel act as the division representatives in the Airport Emergency Management Working Group (AEMWG) to develop the Airport Emergency Response Plan (AERP), facilitate department-level training and exercises (Part 139 AirEx, 49 CFR 1542 AVSEC, aircraft hijack response training, and annual MACTAC Active Shooter Exercise), and build a comprehensive emergency management program at LAX. To prevent and protect LAX and Van Nuys airports against threats and hazards, EOPU manages both the Joint Vulnerability Assessment Team (JVAT) and the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) program to conduct threat assessments and equip Airport Police personnel with the skills necessary to detect and respond to suspicious activities. To promote mitigation, EOPU develops After Action Reports (AAR) and Scope-of-Work for the Emergency Management Division to oversees the evaluation and implementation of all recommendations. To enhance the response and recovery capabilities, EOPU provides intensive Incident Command System (ICS) training to the Command Post cadre in furtherance of their mission to assist the Incident Commander efficiently resolve the dynamic events and incidents by providing resource and situational tracking, updates, and enhanced awareness.

EOPU - Officer giving lectureEOPU-Officers In Orange VestEOPU - Officer Conducting Lecture

Emergency Services Unit
Emergency Services Unit (ESU) provides primary protection for “high-risk” security-sensitive flights arriving and departing LAX.  ESU maintains a rapid-response team trained to respond to calls or unusual occurrences (active shooters, barricaded suspects, hi-jacked aircraft, etc.), requiring special tactics with the intent to stabilize and mitigate the incident or threat.  The unit also assists other law enforcement and/or public safety agencies, and provides specialized tactical support to Patrol Services during heightened security alert levels and high-threat assignments.

Intelligence Unit 

The Intelligence Unit works with federal, state, and local partners to conduct threat assessments and provide intelligence briefings regarding global, national, and regional events to the Airport Police at all levels, executives, and stakeholders. The unit also collects, analyzes, and investigates criminal and threat information related to possible terrorist attacks against civil aviation and other critical infrastructure. The Intelligence Unit accomplishes this mission by detailing some of its members to the Joint Regional Intelligence Center and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces.

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