Mission and Core Values

Mission and Core Values

                                     AIRPORT POLICE MISSION
The mission of the Los Angeles World Airports Police is to ensure the safe 
and secure operations of our airports. 
                                          CORE VALUES

Service Before Self  
Service is the foundation of the Los Angeles Airport Police Division’s value system. We 
seek to always be aware of those who need our assistance, our cooperation, and/or 
our support. We seek to always meet or exceed their expectations for service before 
we consider our personal or organizational needs.

Reverence For the Law  
We are committed to the consistent application of the law for the common good. 
Fairness, impartiality, flexibility, and openness will be guiding principles as we apply 
the law.

Respect for People  
We are in the business of serving people. We recognize the dignity of all people, and 
will treat them accordingly. We will respond with sincerity to the needs of those who 
are concerned for their safety, require important information, or are temporarily 
unable to provide for themselves.

Commitment to Professionalism  
We strive to achieve the highest standards of performance in all aspects of our work. 
We have a continuing commitment to operational excellence and strive to create an 
environment that instills an attitude and behavior that focuses on people in a 
constructive and positive way. We take pride in the nobility of our profession and 
derive personal and professional satisfaction from the effective performance of our 

Integrity in All We Say and Do  
We commit ourselves to the highest standards of trust, responsibility and discipline 
while promoting justice in a fair and impartial manner. We will demonstrate, through 
our actions, an uncompromising allegiance to the Police Officer’s Code of Ethics. Each 
Los Angeles Airport Police Division employee will embrace the ideals of honor, courage, 
equality, fairness, and dignity.

We Value our Personnel  
We understand that our people are our most critical asset. We are committed to 
attracting the best, the brightest, and the most committed while providing a work 
environment that is empowering, supportive, collaborative, transparent, and 
encouraging. We are committed to providing our personnel all of the tools they need to 
excel and grow in this environment.

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