Public Information Officer

Public Information Officer

Rob Pedregon

 Police Officer III Rob Pedregon


The Airport Police Public Information Officer (PIO) position was established in 
2005 to improve Airport Police's response to matters of public interest.  It 
functions to provide more direct access to the division and police-related information 
to inform and educate the public.  The PIO reports directly to the Chief of Airport 
Police and coordinates responses to all media inquiries. Information about Airport 
Police and its functions, crime incidents, policies and procedures, programs, services, 
and related information are also disseminated as needed by the PIO.
Police Media Inquiries 424-646-5591


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visit APD in the News and News Releases
Media Parking Information:
Permit Conditions of Use


  1. This permit is non-transferable. It must remain with the vehicle described on the 
  2. This permit must be displayed in the lower left front windshield.

       3.Permits imprinted with “Curb Access & Lot 3” may park, unless closed due to



  • Upper/Departures Level along the west end of the curb between Terminals 1 and 2 
    (vehicles must be attended at all times)
  • Upper/Departures Level curbside between Terminal 3 and Tom Bradley 
    International Terminal (vehicles must be attended at all times)
  • Upper/Departures Level curbside east of Terminal 7/8 (vehicles may be left 
    unattended -- drivers MUST call Airport Police Watch Commander at (424) 646-
    6100 AND MUST leave cell phone numbers in plain view next to the permits)
  • Parking Lot 3 (former Vendor Delivery Lot 3) on the Lower/Arrivals Level across 
    from Terminal 3 (vehicles may be left unattended in Lot 3) Media vehicles are 
    required to exit through a parking kiosk where the attendant will record vehicle 
    license plate and parking permit numbers. Media do NOT pay parking fees.


     4.Permits imprinted with "Lot 3 Only" may park in Parking Lot 3 only (vehicles may be    

left unattended)

     5.Please do not leave vehicles unattended at curbside, unless you follow the above .
        rule described for the Upper/Departures Level curbside east of Terminals 7/8. 
        Unattended vehicles will be cited and towed and this permit will be confiscated. 
        A new one will not be issued until after the expiration date of the revoked permit. 
        If the same vehicle is cited and/or cited/towed twice and the permit revoked twice, no 
        future media parking permits will be issued to that vehicle. If the parking permits of 
        two vehicles from the same news organization are permanently revoked, ALL of the 
        parking permits issued to vehicles of that news organization will be permanently 

     6.Please note that the curbside and terminal situation at LAX can change on a 
       moment’s notice. Even if media vehicles are parked in the proper locations, law 
       enforcement officers may ask media at any time to yield a designated media 
       parking area temporarily for law enforcement use. COOPERATION BY THE MEDIA 

     7.All media vehicles may park in Central Terminal Area parking structures for free up 
        to eight (8) hours with validation from the security desk in the lobby of the Los 
       Angeles World Airports Administration Building at One World Way (Monday through 
       Friday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or at the LAX Guest Experience office on the ground level 
       of the LAX Theme Building [Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – call (424) 
       646-5438 in advance]. If your parking ticket is not validated, you must pay for 

     8.Media vehicles may NOT park in curbside zones or parking slots designated by 
        signage for public ground transportation services, for vehicles displaying Americans 
        With Disabilities Act (i.e., wheelchair) placards and license plates, nor adjacent 
        to fire hydrants or in front of any terminal entrance/exit doors.
     9.All media vehicles parked terminal curbside must display valid LAX Media Parking 
    10.If your vehicle is towed, please call Los Angeles Airport Police at (424) 646-6100 for 


Effective: August, 2016

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For Media Inquiries Email: [email protected] or Call (424) 646-5591

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