Physical Fitness Qualification

Physical Fitness Qualification

  1. Physical Fitness Qualification (PFQ)
    1. In order to better prepare for the exam and the physical demands of the academy, you are encouraged to attend the Candidate Workout Program and complete the Physical Fitness Qualifier (PFQ). Your score on the PFQ is advisory. You must complete the PFQ at least once prior to appointment. You are welcome to retake the PFQ as many times as you like, and the score is valid for 12 months. If you score less than a 50 on the PFQ, you are strongly encouraged to attend Candidate Workout Program more regularly and retake the PFQ.

    2. The PFQ consists of four events:
      • 1) Maximum push-ups in one minute
      • 2) 300-meter sprint
      • 3) Maximum sit-ups in one minute
      • 4) 1.5 mile-run. This is the same physical fitness test that academy recruits take the third day of the police academy.

    3. PFQ Test is offered the first and third Saturday of every month:
      • December 15th
      • January 5th 2019
      • January 19th 2019
      • February 2nd 2019
      • February 16th 2019
      • March 2nd 2019
      • March 16th 2019
      • April 6th 2019
      • April 20th 2019

    4. Location:
      • Aviation Park, 1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd Redondo Beach, CA 90278

    5. Time:
      • 7:30am

    6. Attire:
      • Appropriate physical training gear (T-shirt, shorts/sweat pants, running shoes)

Bring Water


Meet at the table by the snack bar and track


*Canceled if raining*


If you have any questions call (424) 646-5575

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