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Fly Friendly, Fly Quiet: Enlisting Our Partners in Our Noise Abatement Efforts

When it comes to airports and the communities surrounding them, a good neighbor is a quiet neighbor – and that’s something that all of us at Van Nuys Airport take very seriously. We try to enlist the help of our tenants and general aviation partners to help us keep the airport running as smoothly and quietly as possible. Reducing airport noise has long been a priority for VNY: in 1994, the voluntary Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program was established to address the community’s concern about airport noise. We established the Fly Friendly Program, giving awards to the general aviation companies in compliance with our noise abatement policies.

Only companies with at least 60 southbound jet departures during the previous year were considered, and the award’s criteria are strict: No violations of any of our three major noise abatement ordinances and compliance of 99% or greater with the voluntary No Early Turn and the Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Programs.

All in all, 25 companies made the cut:

2013 Friendly Flyer Award Repeat Winners:
Airbar, LLC
Clay Lacy Aviation
Dreamline Aviation, LLC
Flight Options
Glenbrook Capital Logistics, LLC
Space Exploration Technologies
Travel Management Company, Ltd
Tutor-Saliba Corporation
TWC Aviation
West Coast Charters, LLC

2013 Friendly Flyer Award First-Time Winners:
Air Lease Corporation
Aviation Consultants, Inc.
AVJET Corporation
Blue Sky 45, LLC
Executive Jet Management, Inc.
Mid America Jet, Inc.
Oakmont Corporation
Raspberry Consulting, LLC

Silver Air
Trans-Exec Air Service, Inc.
Worldwide Jet Charter, LLC

This program is a great example of what we can accomplish when we’re all working together, we’re proud to work with so many conscientious and respectful companies.