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LAX Community Relations
Affiliations with Chambers of Commerce/Civic Organizations


The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Community Relations Division develops and implements ongoing community outreach programs designed to optimize effective two-way communications with various publics.

A key focus of the division involves establishing programs and services that address the needs and concerns of surrounding airport communities, aviation education, a speakers bureau, and community and civic participation. In addition, the division handles liaison activities with community-based organizations.

Using a positive, proactive approach to providing meaningful public involvement opportunities, the division's work reflects Los Angeles World Airports' (LAWA's) commitment to balancing the need for regional economic growth with the needs of residential communities.


LAX Area Advisory Committee
Community Relations serves as the liaison with the 19-member LAX Area Advisory Committee, which includes representatives of communities adjacent to LAX who meet monthly. The committee works in conjunction with the Board of Airport Commissioners and airport staff to review airport operations issues that may impact their communities and to develop recommendations that address these issues. Visit for more information and committee agendas.

Gateway to L.A.
LAWA is a member of the board of directors of Gateway to L.A. Property Business Improvement District, which features 12.3 million square feet of improvements, including a collection of 13 hotels, office buildings, restaurants, services, small businesses and several major parking facilities which serve area businesses and LAX. The organization has successfully created a unified voice for concerned property owners and hotel operators who now work together to develop a cohesive, thriving and welcoming identity for the area. Established in 1998 as a three-year pilot program, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously in August 2000 to continue the program through 2005.

El Segundo Chamber of Commerce
LAWA maintains a strong community presence as an ex-officio member of the board of directors for the El Segundo Chamber of Commerce, which meets monthly. The purpose of the El Segundo Chamber of Commerce, made up of approximately 350 members, is to provide service to its members through advocacy, education and community development to promote a prosperous business environment. LAWA attends monthly Board meetings and several monthly committee meetings.

Inglewood/Airport Area Chamber of Commerce
LAWA holds the position of vice president of the Inglewood/Airport Area Chamber of Commerce, which represents more than 675 businesses in the Inglewood area. Executive meetings are held once a month, full board meetings are held once a month and sub-committee meetings are held weekly.

Inglewood Business Opportunity Network (IBON)
The mission of IBON is to present business and networking opportunities to local small businesses within the city of Inglewood by through vocational and employment activities. LAWA has co-hosted events with IBON to address the needs of the local community by facilitating access to business and employment opportunities at LAWA's four airports. In 2001, IBON recognized LAWA with a "Good Corporate Citizen" Award.

LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce
Representing approximately 650 businesses, the Westchester/LAX-Marina Del Rey Chamber of Commerce is a local business association organized to develop and promote events, programs and services in the community that will enhance its members' ability to conduct their individual businesses successfully. A LAWA representative is on its board of directors and serves as chair of its trade and tourism committee. Board meetings are held monthly in addition to several monthly committee meetings.

Westchester Vitalization Corporation
This 30-member group was founded in the 1970s primarily to mitigate the impact of LAX on the community. Other topics on past agendas include Community Plan Advisory Committee updates, pending commercial developments in the area and proposed Public Works projects. LAWA is not a Board member, but monitors the group's monthly meetings.

Neighborhood Council of Westchester Playa del Rey (NCWP)
NCWP is an advisory group of local residents and representatives of local businesses, churches, schools and the like that work together to develop the long-range future of the community. NCWP's board of directors, of which LAWA has a board seat, holds monthly meetings to solicit input from the community on various issues and to reach consensus that can be passed on directly to elected officials. NCWP also will serve as a community clearinghouse and will help disseminate information regarding local activities in the community. As part of the City's Charter, neighborhood councils are an integral part of local government.

Westchester Family YMCA
The Westchester Family YMCA of Los Angeles is an association committed to enrich the quality of mental, physical and social life for families in the community. Following their motto, "We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities, " the Westchester Family YMCA is dedicated to providing programs and activities for young and old alike. LAWA is a member of its board of directors and has a representative who chairs its family committee.

Westchester Playa Del Rey Youth Foundation, Inc.
This non-profit corporation is wholly responsible for the development, administration and maintenance of the Nielsen Youth Park, which is leased from LAWA. The park is dedicated to the use of organized youth activities and is the principal home field for the Westchester Little League, the Westchester/Play Del Rey Girls Softball League and the American Youth Soccer Organization.

Local Rotary Clubs
Rotary is a national civic organization made up of key business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. LAWA has membership in the Inglewood (membership of 30), Westchester (membership of 70), El Segundo (membership of 50) and Hawthorne (membership of 30) Rotary clubs which meet weekly. LAWA also maintains board positions on both the Hawthorne and Inglewood Rotary.

Airport Lions Club
The Lions Club is the world's largest service organization and is recognized worldwide for its service to the blind and visually impaired. A LAWA representative is the incoming president of the Airport Lions Club of Westchester, which meets weekly.