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LAX Construction & Maintenance Services, Recycling Program



To Make Recycling at LAX Easy and Convenient for our Tenants, Employees and the Public.

Mandated by AB939, LAWA’s Construction & Maintenance, Recycling Division has implemented various programs intended to achieve a 70% waste reduction goal by the year 2020. By providing the necessary equipment, manpower and resources, our objective is to make recycling an everyday part of business.

Program Components
  • In-house collection of recyclable materials generated by LAWA and from common-use recycling containers and bins in airport terminals and airfield areas
  • Collection of materials from airlines and tenants through individual agreements at no cost to participants
  • Airlines’ and tenants’ own recycling programs and reporting of data to LAWA
  • Source reduction through the purchase of recycled products and reuse of materials

LAX Maintenance Services Division Recycling Program makes it easy for airport employees and the traveling public to recycle by providing convenient recycling bins in offices, terminals, and on the airfield.

Materials are collected and brought to the transfer facility, sorted, placed in larger containers or bailed, then sent to various vendors for further processing. Recycling units are provided and serviced by LAX staff at no additional cost to the tenants.

Upon request, special collections can also be arranged for some materials.

Recycling Advertising

Recyclable Materials Handled by LAX
  • Office paper
  • Cardboard
  • Wood and pallets
  • Metals
  • Film Plastic
  • Beverage containers
  • Green waste
  • Hauler and recycling references are also available for the following materials
  • Re-chargeable batteries (non-automotive)
  • Toner Cartridges
  • Cell Phones
  • PMB
New Recycling Projects
  • New advertising "amenity units" incorporating recycling collection into the unit. Part of LAWA’s new advertising concession program.
  • Coffee grinds recycling – LAWA plans to begin recycling coffee grinds and filters into compost.
  • Expand cooking oil and grease recycling. 28,612 lbs. were recycled in 2010. Exploring the feasibility of airport-wide collection program.
  • Mandatory recycling in airport concession contracts – currently voluntary 
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