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Update: During COVID, transactions are completed by email or phone to maintain the health and safety of our customers and staff.


Ground Transportation Permit Services

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Monday - Thursday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm, Friday 7:00 am - 12:30 pm.
No walk-in public counter hours.
For transponder replacement, please use our online appointment scheduling system.


Transportation Charter Party (TCP) Permit:

All TCP carriers that conduct business at LAX (i.e. pick-up passengers) are required to have a current executed license agreement with the Department of Airports, display a valid vehicle decal and have a functioning Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) transponder affixed to each vehicle.

Operating with an invalid vehicle transponder and/or expired decal are violations of the LAX Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations and subject to citation and vehicle impound.

COVID-19 social distancing. Transactions (e.g. update your account, remit fees, add/delete vehicle, updated transponder, cancel your account) are all being handled remotely. Contact us by email at or phone at 424-646-6460.

Your email/voicemail must include company name, company CPUC number, contact name and phone number, and the reason for your request Staff will contact you within two business days. Do not come to the office for walk-in or unscheduled services.


Re-Decal Update:

TCP green vehicle decals for 2019/2020 are valid through March 31, 2021. 2021 TCP decals are required beginning April 1, 2021. Operators that completed the 2020 annual re-decal online were issued their 2021 vehicle decals.

Decal 2021 TCP LAX


If you have not completed your 2020 re-decal application, late fees will apply. If your company was inactive or suspended due to outstanding fees, ‘not approved’ insurance, inactive CPUC permit, or other reasons, you must resolve the issue(s) first. Contact the office if you did not receive an email notice from “SmartIQ” in 2020 with a link to the application process.

Instructions on using the online re-decal program can be accessed by clicking

The 2021 re-decal will commence in the coming months. Stay tuned for a 2021 email from “SmartIQ.”

Operating Requirements

All ground transportation operators must keep their accounts in compliance. That means:

  • Payment of yearly $150 annual Administrative Fee
  • Payment of monthly circuit fees
  • Keeping your business documents/certifications current
  • Maintaining CPUC “active” status, and
  • Maintaining “approved” insurance status with LAWA’s Risk Management
New Agreements:

To apply for a new Non-Exclusive License Agreement (NELA), visit the online portal at

Documents & Forms
LAX Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations

Operators and their drivers are responsible for knowing and abiding by the LAX Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations. (download here Violations may result in citation and vehicle impound.

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