Security & Airport Safety Enforcement (SAFE) Program


The Security & Airport Safety Enforcement (SAFE) program is an awareness and enforcement program designed to promote the safety and security of the airport through the enforcement of LAX Rules and Regulations, LAX Airport Security Program and applicable Code of Federal Regulations, State of California regulations and City of Los Angeles regulations. The SAFE program does not limit or otherwise replace any other laws, rules or regulations.

This program is administered by the Los Angeles World Airports Airport Operations and Airport Police Divisions.

It is the responsibility of each individual tenant, sponsor, agency and/or organization that provides services at LAX to ensure that their employees are fully trained and aware of all applicable laws, regulations, procedures and programs.

It is also the responsibility of every LAWA badge holder to know the extent of their badge access, and all laws, ordinances, policies, rules and regulations, and safety & security programs at the airport. It is expected of every badge holder to faithfully carry out their duties and obligations including, but not limited to, obeying the laws, policies, procedures, and all rules and regulations set forth by LAWA and all applicable, local, state and federal regulatory agencies.


SAFE Document

 SAFE Document

Download The Security & Airport Safety Enforcement (SAFE) program document. Please note that the Adobe PDF viewer is required to view this document.


Contact Information

For questions and additional information about the SAFE Program, please contact LAX Airport Operations or Airport Police. To contest a citation, please fill out a Request for Appeal.

SAFE Program Administrator (424) 646-5890
SAFE Program Airport Police Officer (424) 646-5646
Airport Police Vehicle Inspection Coordinator (424) 646-5645  
LAX Security Badge Office (424) 646-5500
LAX Regulatory Compliance and Safety Office (424) 646-5883


Office Hours

Monday – Friday [ 06:00 AM - 2:00 PM ]

NOTE: The SAFE Office is closed every City of Los Angeles holiday & every other Friday.

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