RAD Program

RAD Program

LAX Restricted Area Driver Program 

The goal of the LAX Restricted Area Driver Training Program is to increase safety on the AOA through enhanced training and situational awareness of stakeholders who drive on the AOA.

The LAX Restricted Area Driver Trainer Program provides basic guidelines and requirements for LAX companies to use when training employees with Restricted Area Driver (RAD) privileges on proper operating procedures when driving vehicles and equipment on the Air Operations Area (AOA). The LAX RAD Trainer Program uses a combination of Computer Based Training (CBT), classroom training, and other supporting training materials to provide driver trainers with a comprehensive body of knowledge on safe driving practices unique to the LAX AOA. 


Program Requirements

Each company and division must designate driver trainers to provide training for all new and recurrent staff with Restricted Area Driver privileges. Each division or company must designate at least one approved driver trainer for up to 25 Restricted Area Drivers. While each division or company can designate as many driver trainers as necessary, it is highly recommended that at least one alternate driver trainer is designated to ensure continuity of training. All driver trainers must attend the LAWA RAD Trainer classroom training and meet the minimum requirements for approved driver trainers. Only approved driver trainers are authorized to provide the required driver training for all new and recurrent Restricted Area Drivers.

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Training and Class Schedule


Due to COVID-19, classes have been suspended UFN

WebEx RAD ‘Train the Trainer’ classes are now offered every Wednesday from 8:00am – 11:00am. Please e-mail radprogram@lawa.org for instructions & scheduling


Requires Forms


Supplemental Training Materials and Guides


Contact Information

LAX Airport Operations
Office of Safety and Regulatory Compliance
Restricted Area Driver Trainer Program

Office: (424) 646-5883
FAX: (424) 646-9269
Email: radprogram@lawa.org

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