Ground Equipment Inspection Program

The LAX Ground Equipment Inspection Program (GEIP) is designed to promote the safety of the airfield thru the inspections of Ground Service Equipment (GSE), GSE failure/breakaway investigations and the sharing of pertinent information. The inspections focus on equipment operability, defects, hazards, flammable sources, maintenance and safety. The GEIP team is also responsible for removing from the airfield/impounding equipment that is left unattended, unsecured, poses a hazard to the AOA and/or hinders airport operations.

GEIP is a supplemental awareness and enforcement program, it does not relieve a company from their responsibility to inspect, maintain, store and operate equipment safely. All GSE on the airport is subject to inspection and/or impound by Airport Operations and Airport Police.


Red Tag

If a defective/unsafe equipment is identified by LAWA, a “DO NOT OPERATE” tag (also known as a “Red Tag”) will be placed on the equipment. This tag will list the equipment type, equipment ID, location and the defects/unsafe conditions observed. An attempt to notify the equipment owner/operator may also be made. All Red Tagged equipment must immediately be taken to an approved maintenance area/lease hold. Once the listed repairs are completed, the equipment may be left at the re-inspection area on Tuesdays/Thursday between 10am-11am and may be retrieved between 1pm-2pm. You may also contact the ARCC at (424) 646-5292 x0 to request an inspection, operation permitting.


Ground Equipment Inspection Times


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
GSE Re-Inspections
11:00 - 13:00
GSE Re-Inspections
11:00 - 13:00



Per LAX Rules and Regulations section 11.10, all vehicles or equipment that are left unattended, unsecured, poses a hazard to the AOA and/or hinders airport operations are subject to impound. When an impound occurs on the airfield, a notification attempt will made to the equipment owner/operator. A “Notice of Impound” letter will be sent via email to the company providing official notice of the impound. Impound fees may be paid via check, credit card, ACH/Wire Transfer or cash. Check and Credit Card payments may be made online at All impound payments must be made online or remotely. Only cash payments are accepted in person (ARCC, 4th floor). Please contact the GEIP office at with any questions.

Once payment has been made, contact the ARCC at (424) 646-5292 x0 to arrange for equipment retrieval. A payment receipt and the impound notice must be presented for impound release. For impounds that occur outside of the airfield, please visit the Airport Police website.

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