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For Step by Step Instructions on how to configure your account watch this video.

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  You can also receive alerts and manage your settings by installing the Everbridge Mobile App.


LAWA Alerts utilizes Everbridge to send notifications to its subscribers. The method that is used to contact you is based on how severe an event has been deemed. You may select the types of messages you would like to receive based on five categories. Please reference the information below to make an informed decision about how you wish to be notified.

LOW (Advisory)—Issued by the ARCC for situational awareness and does not typically require formal action. These messages will be sent to the Everbridge mobile App, Work e-mail 1 and Work e-mail 2.

MEDIUM (Warning)— An incident that may require action from you or your organization. These messages will be sent to ALL WORK e-mail, SMS, mobile, landline and TTY paths in addition to the LOW severity based contact paths.

HIGH (Urgent)— An imminent threat or major disruption that requires persons to take action and\or requires an activation of additional resources. These messages will be sent to ALL contact paths including personal e-mail, SMS, mobile, landline and TTY.

Categories are message tags that describe the nature of the information, incident or event. More than one category can apply to a message.

Safety—Incidents that may pose a hazard the safety of people and property

Security—Incidents that may be a threat to the security of operations at the airport

Infrastructure—Incidents related to hard infrastructure at the airport, e.g. parking structures,terminals, hangars, service roads, movement areas (taxiways/runways), utilities, and other systems

Throughput—Incidents that may impact the movement of aircraft, passengers, vehicles, and cargo

Administrative—These are general notices not affecting any specific category, or notifications about scheduled events that may provide you with better situational awareness

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