Passenger Stage Cooperation

New Application

Checklist & Instructions

When you have all documents ready to apply for a new Non-Exclusive License Agreement (NELA), visit the online portal:

Online Application   Step by Step Assistance

Biennial Re-decal

The biennial re-decal process occurs in odd number years (e.g. 2021, 2023, etc.). Re-decal is processed online only – no walk-ins. Instructions on using the online re-decal program will be posted soon.

Add/Delete Vehicle

Each commercial vehicle must have a current permit and active LAX issued transponder affixed to the vehicle in the manner prescribed by LAWA. Vehicle permits and transponders are not transferable or assignable.

To add a vehicle:

  1. Complete a service request at

    Documents must be approved by GT staff and the operator must have:

    • Active CPUC status
    • Vehicle must be on the CPUC account
    • Approved insurance and on the vehicle schedule
    • Properly displayed TCP #s on the vehicle, as required
    • All fees paid; each new transponder requires $50 use fee

To delete a vehicle:
Complete a service request at and return the transponder and vehicle permit decal.

Replacement permit and/or transponder
Windshield replaced? Complete a service request at to get the transponder replaced. Bring the old transponder and copy of the vehicle DMV registration to the appointment.

Access Fees

Courtesy accounts are invoiced monthly for each full or partial circuit of the LAX Central Terminal Area roadways.

Access Fees

Rules & Regulations

Operators and their drivers are responsible for knowing and abiding by the LAX Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations. Violations may result in citation and vehicle impound.

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