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Impact Zone Social Impact & Inclusivity

Our programs are designed to promote small business contractor opportunities and to build pathways for students and adults to gain valuable work experience and secure employment throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. In 2018, the Business Jobs and Social Responsibility division conducted a 9- month Inclusivity Assessment to identify opportunity areas where LAWA can increase its impact as a socially responsible entity and a champion for business inclusivity. Click here for more information on LAWA’s Inclusivity Assessment

LAWA Impact Zone

These surrounding communities were identified in the LAX Master Plan EIR/EIS as the area most impacted by LAX operations.

Social Impact & Inclusivity

At Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), we are transforming LAX with a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that includes new passenger facilities, infrastructure upgrades, and solutions to relieve traffic congestion with a new convenient, reliable and sustainable landside system for everyone. This exciting transformation of LAX offers a pathway to economic empowerment for the surrounding communities, especially its local businesses and local workers. One of LAWA’s strategic goals is to operate sustainably – balancing economic, social and environmental responsibilities. Key initiatives include enhancing LAWA’s contribution to the Los Angeles economy by maximizing local job creation and the participation of small and diverse businesses in LAWA’s supply chain.


2019 by the numbers
  • 17 NEW small construction graduates from the first BuildLAX Academy Class
  • 95% minority and woman contractor graduates from BuildLAX Academy
  • 88% BuildLAX graduates completed SBE qualification within 1 month
  • $2.5 million funds available for small businesses through NEW pilot lending program
  • NUMBER 1 in innovating inclusivity in U.S. P3 mega projects
  • 60% local hire requirement for 25 of 28 years of operation for the APM and ConRAC
  • $586.1 million commitment to small, local, diverse forms in APM contract



Local residents working on projects covered by the Project Labor Agreement


New iCARE Whiteglove Service to support smooth operations during construction


Local middle & high school students at Construction Careers Awareness Day


Jobs posted by LAX employers through LAWA’s First Source Hiring program


APM bond rebates directed to South Bay Workforce Investment Board for local worker training and support

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