First Source Hiring Program

FSHP Recruiting Process

The First Source Hiring Program Recruiting Process:

  • LAWA informs employers about FSHP features and benefits
  • Employers designate contact persons to work with FSHP
  • Job descriptions are provided to FSHP and posted to the BJRC website
  • FSHP contacts partners to find qualified candidates
  • FSHP sends qualified candidates within 10 business days to employers for interview consideration
  • Employers interview candidates and make hiring decisions
  • Employers must give serious consideration to FSHP applicants
  • Employers submit comments to FSHP relative to their decisions
  • Employers make job offers to specific candidates
  • Candidates work with Employers to obtain badges through the Security Badge Office 
  • FSHP maintains records of candidates referred and hired
  • FSHP maintains records of employer’s reasons for rejection
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