First Source Hiring Program







The Los Angeles World Airports First Source Hiring Program (FSHP) was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in October 2006 and began implementation in December 2006. FSHP is administered by the Business and Job Resources Division of Los Angeles World Airports and was created as a part of the LAX Master Plan Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).

FSHP language is contained in all new LAWA contracts and will apply to any contract amendments or extensions to existing contracts and non-exclusive licensing agreements.

FSHP is designed to provide employment consideration and access to vacant positions for residents from the communities immediately surrounding the airport and those most impacted by airport operations. These communities are a part of the Project Impact Area (PIA) and are comprised of South Los Angeles, El Segundo, Hawthorne, Inglewood and Lennox.

LAWA employers submit their open positions to the FSHP and we attempt to fill those positions by working closely with our program partners to find prescreened and qualified candidates to apply.

Participation in the FSHP has grown from one company in December 2006, to over fifty companies today. As we make contact with LAWA employers we continue to add new companies to the list.

Current program partners are:

  • Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board (LA WIB) and their LA Area Worksource Centers
  • South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SB WIB) and their One-Stop Centers
  • State Employment Development Department (EDD)
  • Community and Faith-Based Organizations
  • The LAX Coalition for Economic, Educational and Environmental Justice
  • Los Angeles General Funded City Departments, Proprietary Departments, and the Mayor’s Office
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