The Challenge

Being the busiest origin and destination airport in the country presents many challenges to passengers when trying to access LAX.

Challenge Challenge Challenge

Today, whether you take a taxi, shuttle, bus or car, you must fight congestion and overcrowding on your trip to the airport. With traffic growing every day, something must be done to improve how we get to and from LAX.

Some of the challenges LAX is experiencing today include

Heavy traffic congestion during peak hours

Buses, shuttles and cars competing for limited space

Passengers stuck in crowded and uncomfortable conditions along the curb


Over 50%

of departing air passengers drive to LAX


During peak periods,

over 6,000

vehicles enter the airport in one hour


In 2013, more than

66 million

air passengers flew through LAX

That's greater than the populations of
California and Texas combined!


The Solution

Relieve traffic congestion with a new convenient, reliable and sustainable system for everyone!

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