Emergency Management


Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) regularly offers American Red Cross and LA CERT programs. For scheduling, please contact Jason Dempsey, LAWA Emergency Management Coordinator.

For tenant evacuation training, please contact Brandy Welch, LAWA Emergency Management Coordinator. 

If you are unable to attend a session, here are some basic things to know in an emergency

1. Know your Region - Know what type of disasters happen in the area you live.

2. Learn CPR and Basic First Aid- These courses do not require a lot of time, but are very vital to know

3. Plan for Communication - Designate relatives outside the local area that should be contacted in an event of an emergency.

4. Designate a Meeting Place- Choose a place outdoors that is close to home.

5. Be Prepared to Evacuate - Establish escape routes and practice them.

6. Have an Emergency Kit- This kit should include water (1 or 2 gallons per person), non-perishable food, can opener, blanket, first aid kit, battery powered radio, and sanitation and hygiene items.

7. Prepare Pets - keep vaccination records handy and pack food.

8. Make Your Car Disaster Ready - Have a small emergency kit that can be removed from car. Make sure your gas tank is full.

9. Be Ready at Work - Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes in your office. Be sure to know the locations of fire extinguishers and AEDS inside the building.

10. Create Emergency Contact Cards- They should contain phone numbers to call in emergencies, addresses of meeting places, and other helpful information. When disaster strikes it can be difficult to remember information.

 These links provide information on how LAWA employees and their families can develop a written emergency plan and prepare for the next "big one"

 Name   Description
 City Employee Emergency Preparedness  Tips for City Employees to be better prepared for emergencies.
 Family Emergency Plan  This document provides a template of important information to include in family disaster plans. This plan outlines the following: household members, emergency numbers, contacts (service/ultility), personal contacts (family, school/work), reunion information, and list of medication if needed. It can be suited for your family's needs and should be updated regularly.
 Disaster Supply Check List  Provided by Los Angeles World Airports Emergency Management Division, this disaster supply check list includes important family documents, first aid kits, tools, supplies, medicine, and water and food.
 American Red Cross  The American Red Cross provides information on how to prepare in every aspect of life such as in your home, school, and workplace. It also gives information on different types of emergencies with easy access to tools and resources.







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