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Disaster Preparedness App and Tips for Older Americans

Posted: 5/18/2017 1:22:02 PM
Take the first step toward emergency preparedness by downloading the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) app

May is Older Americans Month and a great time to ensure you or any members of your household prepare for emergencies. 

The first step is identifying what you or older adults in your household may need to be prepared. Evaluate those needs, include them in your emergency plan, and add any necessary rel="noopener noreferrer" items to your  emergency supply kit.

The Ready Campaign recommends seniors consider the following measures:

>Create a network of neighbors, relatives, friends, and co-workers to aid you in an emergency. Discuss your needs and make sure everyone knows how to operate necessary equipment. If appropriate, discuss your needs with your employer.

>Keep specialized items ready, including extra wheelchair batteries, oxygen, catheters, medication, food for service animals, and any other items you might need.

>Keep written copies of your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and orders for medical equipment, including dosage, treatment, and allergy information in your emergency kit.

>Make a list of the type and model numbers of the medical devices you require.

>Talk with your medical service providers about their emergency plans if you undergo routine treatments administered by a clinic or hospital or if you receive regular services such as home health care, treatment, or transportation. Work with them to identify back-up service providers and incorporate them into your personal support network.

>Get copies and maintain electronic versions of health records from doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, rel="noopener noreferrer" and other sources to store for your reference. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provides an online tool intended to help people locate and access their electronic health records from a variety of sources.

>Coordinate with friends, family, or specialty transportation service providers in the event of a mandatory evacuation.  

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