Non-Exclusive License Agreement (NELA)

Airfield Permits – Non-Exclusive License Agreement (NELA)

What is it?

The purpose of the NELA is to establish a contractual relationship with all companies providing services at LAWA facilities that may not otherwise be bound contractually by a direct contract, property lease, or concessionaire agreement with LAWA.

Who gets it?

1. Companies with service or contracts with permitted air carriers or LAWA Tenants
2. Sub-contractors to companies that have NELA's

Who doesn't get it?

1. Construction contractors
2. Sub-contractors to construction contractors
3. Companies contracted by LAWA (for any service)
4. Companies Contracted by government agencies (for any service)
5. Concessionaires
6. Sub-concessionaires of concessionaires
7. LAWA Vendors
8. Companies providing service for themselves or companies not affiliated with the airport.

Airports served by the Airfield Permits Unit


Application Package with forms

Application Information NELA MVP (Revised 2/20/15)
NELA Contact Information Form
Sample Letter of Intent
Sample Letter of Verification
Insurance Requirements 
Activity Reports

NELA Regulated Services

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