Motor Vehicle Permit (MVP)

Motor Vehicle Permit (MVP)

Airfield Permits – Motor Vehicle Operating Permit (MVOP)

What is it?

This permit authorizes company vehicles to access the Airport Operations Area (AOA; e.g. service roads, ramp areas, etc.) to conduct business and/or operations.

Who gets it?

All companies that are required to utilize motor vehicles on the airfield.

Who doesn't get it?

  • LAWA vehicles
  • Ground equipment (tugs, loaders, etc.)
  • Construction vehicles (see Monthly Airfield Access Permit)
  • Taxis, limos, shuttle buses and other vehicles driven in public areas

Airports served by the Airfield Permits Unit


Application Instructions and Forms


CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES must obtain a "Monthly Airfield Access Permit" issued by the Capital Programming Planning and Engineering Group, (424) 646-5700.

TAXI, LIMO, SHUTTLE BUS and other such public-side vehicles receive Ground Transportation Permits issued by Ground Transportation, (424) 646-6460.

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