Fuel Delivery Permit

Fuel Delivery Permit

Airfield Permits – Fuel Delivery Permit (LAX & VNY)

What is it? 

These permits authorize petroleum product delivery companies to deliver (by hydrant or tanker truck) fuel to LAWA and tenants' storage facilities. Fuel brokers are also authorized by these permits to conduct in-tank trading of petroleum products to tenants and LAWA facilities.

Who gets it?

Companies that pipe in fuel to storage facilities
Companies that truck in fuel to storage facilities
Brokers that buy and sell fuel from storage facilities

Who doesn't get it?

Into-plane fuelers (companies that put fuel directly into planes. These companies get a CSPLA.)
Airports served by the Airfield Permits Unit 


Application Package with forms

LAX Fuel Delivery Permit Application Requirements
Contact Information Form
Insurance Requirements
Activity Reports

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