Air Carrier Operating Permit (ACOP)

Airfield Permits – Air Carrier Operating Permit (ACOP, LAX)

What is it?

An Air Carrier Operating Permit (ACOP) authorizes the permittee to conduct air carrier operations at LAWA’s airports. A separate permit is necessary for each of LAWA’s airports. An ACOP is not required at VNY.

Who gets it?

All commercial air carriers, passenger or cargo, operating at LAX.

Who doesn't get it?

1. US Government aircraft
2. Private (general aviation or "GA") aircraft
3. Single-Use operators (Link to full detail)

LAX Application Package

1. ACOP Application Package

LAX Fee Rates and Charges

1. LAX Aircraft Landing Fee Rates and Other Charges


1. Airline Information Form
2. Disabled Aircraft Recovery Operations (DARO) Form
3. Affirmative Action Forms
4. Insurance Forms
5. Activity Reports
6. Activity Definitions

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