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Due to City of Los Angeles and LAWA directives to protect the public and lower the spread of the novel coronavirus, LAX Airport Operations is no longer conducting any airfield classes for AOA Familiarization (AOA), Aircraft Surface Movement (ASM) and Restricted Area Driver (RAD).

If you require the AOA, ASM, and/or the RAD (initial and recurrent) courses, please contact your company’s Authorized Signer.

If you are an Authorized Signer and need to be enrolled in the Computer Based Training (CBT) system you must do the following:

  • Enroll now or after attending the AS Initial Class and each time after the AS Refresher Class via the Security Badge Office (SBO) AS Credentialing System page at
  • Click on FORMS, then click Authorized Signer - Computer Based Training Ops Icon Enrollment Form to enroll
  • Once enrolled, the AS enrollment is only valid for 365 days from your AS Initial/Refresher Class training date so you will need to enroll again after you receive your next AS Refresher training
  • An auto-reply enrollment confirmation email will be sent to you right away
  • Another email will be sent to you with instructions soon after you initially enroll including your credentials
  • Please allow three to five days for all CBT system access requests to be completed


Questions may be directed to

Thank you for your patience during these extraordinary circumstances and stay safe.

  • AOA Familiarization Icon - Online Only
  • Aircraft Surface Movement (ASM) Icon - Online Only
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) Icon – Online Only with Prior Approval (see restrictions and requirements below) . 

    Note: For the Restricted Area Driver (RAD) Trainer Program –
    please see ‘RAD Program’
  • Restricted Area Driver (RAD) – Initial and Renewal Online only

Class Description and Requirements

 AOA Familiarization Icon Training

  • Provided only to employees and contractors that have an operational need to be adjacent to specific movement areas
  • Familiarizes LAWA personnel, tenants, and contractors with the airport layout
  • Discusses airport terminology, airport layout, movement vs. non-movement areas, airport safety issues, taxiway/runway markings, lighting & signage, vehicle/pedestrian deviations, and construction safety.
  • Does not allow access onto active movement areas (taxiways, runways, and safety areas)
  • One hour online course

    • Required every 24 months
    • Authorized on a case-by-case, as needed basis per your Authorized Signer


ASM_icon Aircraft Surface Movement (ASM) Icon Training

  • Provided to airline and ground handling employees who have the responsibility to move aircraft a distance of more than 1,500 feet by means of taxi or tow on LAX aircraft movement areas.
  • 1 ½ hour online course
  • See ‘LAX Movement Area Map’ link below under Supplemental Training Materials and Guides for the most current airfield map

    • Restricted Area Driver (RAD) Icon required
    • The training must consist of the following (see FAR Part 139.329 and LAX Rules and Regulations Sections 4.5.1, 4.5.2 and 4.5.3):
      • Company Training – It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that all personnel have been trained and given an orientation program of all aircraft movement and parking areas. The tenant must ensure that all personnel have been trained in the proper methods and procedures for operation of aircraft, tow tractor and other required equipment, airfield and visual aids familiarization, proper VHF radio operating procedures and ATC communications.
      • Online course training
      • Examination – Successful completion and passing of a 30-question test with a minimum passing score of 90%.
      • Certification – Upon successful completion of the program, the applicant will be given a signed ASM stamp on Page 4 of their LAX Security Badge application.
      • Badging – Upon completion of all the requirements of the ASM Training and the LAX Security Badge Application, the applicant can be rebadged with the Aircraft Surface Movement Icon.
    • Online training, examination, certification, and badging are required prior to the initial performance of required duties and then once every 12 consecutive calendar months


ATC_icon Air Traffic Control (ATC) Icon

  • Applicable only to LAX Airport Operations, LAWA Maintenance, LAWA Airfield Bus Operations, LAFD and FAA Tech Ops – you must be on the approved list and receive a User ID from LAX Airport Operations.
  • Discusses airport familiarization including airport markings, lighting and sign systems; procedures for access to, and operation in movement areas; ATC radio communications; vehicle/pedestrian deviations, construction safety, FOD and wildlife hazards.

  • Requirements:
    • Restricted Area Driver (RAD) Icon required
    • Required by any personnel with an operational need to access Aircraft Movement Areas (AOA) and perform duties in compliance with the requirements of the Airport Certification Manual (ACM)
    • If you only access closed movement areas during the course of your duties you may take the AOA Familiarization class instead. With this icon positive escort is required at all times while accessing open or closed movement areas. 
    • Online training, examination, certification, and badging are required prior to the initial performance of required duties and then once every 12 consecutive calendar months per Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR 139.303)
    • Must take a written exam with a passing rate of 90%


 Restricted Area Driver (RAD) Icon

  • Provided to badge holders with a need to drive any vehicle or equipment on the vehicle service roads and ramp areas outside of tenant leaseholds.
  • One-hour online course

  • Requirements:

    • Required every 24 months (ATTENTION – WILL NO LONGER ROLL OVER AFTER JULY 1, 2020)
    • Online computer-based course completed prior to receiving the RAD icon and before each badge renewal.
    • Badge holders who do not currently have a RAD icon on their company badge must complete practical training:
      • Training must take place on the AOA with an authorized RAD trainer.
      • A minimum of 8 documented hours (with at least 2 hours during periods of darkness) are required
      • Training should be in the vehicle(s) to be operated during the course of their duties


Course Icon Stamp Location & Hours

LAX Airport Operations
7333 World Way West, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045

  • Stamping hours:
    Monday – Friday 0730-1200
  • Must bring valid certificate(s) of completion for each icon stamp
  • Each certificate must be signed by your Authorized Signer
  • You must bring valid photo ID – valid driver license, passport, etc.
  • Must bring completed and signed badge application


Supplemental Training Material and Guides

* This document is not to be used for navigation. For the most current information please view the KLAX Airport Diagram (here) and KLAX NOTAMS (here)


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