Airport Operations Organizational Chart

Airport Operations Organizational Chart

LAWA Alerts

Los Angeles World Airports'
Emergency Communication System


Los Angeles World Airport’s Emergency and Incident management system (LAWA Alerts) is undergoing its first major revision. As a result, LAWA would like to provide the community a clear explanation of what has changed. This change is designed to more effectively facilitate the dissemination of information as it pertains to the airport(s) in general and convey information regarding emergency situations in a more organized and expedient manner.

The two main types of messages that LAWA intends to send information through are Emergency Mass Notification messages, and ‘LAWA Alerts’ Incident Management Notifications.

Emergency Mass Notification - Nixle


The purpose of the Emergency Mass Notification (EMN) messages is to communicate instructions and warnings in the event of a potentially life-threatening emergency at or around Los Angeles International Airport. The intent of the notification is to reach a wide audience as quickly as possible to convey pertinent information. The types of messages sent will be short SMS (text) messages that will provide instructions on what to do during a crisis at the airport. LAWA does not expect to use this platform often, since it will be reserved for major emergencies at the airport. LAWA staffs are evaluating the need to develop a similar platform for the Van Nuys Airport. At this time, this platform is focused on the Los Angeles International Airport. Consideration for a Van Nuys platform will continue to be evaluated in the following months.


LAWA utilizes the Nixle Information Service to facilitate EMN via SMS (text) messages. Anyone may enroll in the EMN system by sending the word “LAXEMERGENCY” in a text message to 888777. You should receive a response within a few seconds indicating successful enrollment.


To cancel your enrollment in the Nixle EMN system, text the word “Stop” to 888777. If you have multiple Nixle enrollments you will be prompted to specify which you would like to stop, and will need to respond with “Stop LAXEMERGENCY”. You should receive a response within a few seconds indicating that you have successfully cancelled your enrollment.

Incident Management Notifications - LAWA Alerts


The purpose of Incident Management Notifications (IMN) is to share operational information pertinent to deviations from the smooth operation of the airport. This is a similar platform that is currently being used today by members who have elected to receive Everbridge messages. However, the methodology of how we categorize and/or link together a series of different events will be changing in the new platform. This information has been and continues to be intended for individuals that need to maintain informational awareness of day-to-day events and incidents as they unfold. The information will be categorized into the following classifications:

  • Administrative
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Throughput

In addition, this classification will contain severity levels that define the methods of the delivery of information that will dictate how members receive their notifications i.e. email, text, phone etc. Further details about this process and classification can be found here.


Enrollment into the LAWA Incident Management Notification (IMN) system is encouraged for individuals that need to maintain informational awareness of events and incidents as they occur and unfold. Enrollment into the system requires, at a minimum, that a name, first and last, and email be provided. A user will have options to add additional contact information to one’s profile, such as a phone number, which will enhance the system’s ability to deliver important event related information. The information submitted will only be used for the dissemination of information as described.

Click Here to submit a request for LAWA to add you to the system.

Once an account is created, a registration email is sent to the email submitted on the enrollment form. This registration email will allow the user to create a user account and password, modify/add contact information and select the type of alerts to be be delivered. Details on how to modify/add contact information and select alert types can be found here.

Access your account

To access your account, please visit here.


If you wish to no longer receive messages from the IMN system, please visit this link . Be sure to include your name as it appears on your Everbridge account, as well as the email address you used to request the account.


This link will take you to a WebEx recording of a training session which covers the material in the User Guide and walks through the steps of transitioning a LAWA Alerts account from the old system to the new system.

Troubleshooting and Feedback

  • For password resets please use the self-service portal provided by Everbridge to reset your password.
  • If you are experiencing problems with LAWA Alerts, including accessing rel="noopener noreferrer" and configuring your account, please visit this link and fill out a Troubleshooting / Problem request.
  • rel="noopener noreferrer"
  • If you have questions, or would like to provide feedback, please visit this link and submit your feedback or question.
  • If you have difficulty accessing the above form you may contact the LAWA IT Service Desk directly by calling (424) 646-9000 or sending an email describing the problem to
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