Information Seminar

The seminar will provide candidates with information for preparing for tests, oral interview preparation, physical fitness, police academy training, what to expect as an Airport Police Officer and various demonstrations from specialized units.

Candidate Assistance Information Seminar is held the 2nd Tuesday of each month, excluding holidays. Please email your request to to  request to attend a seminar.  Included your name, date you would like to attend.  You will receive a confirmation from a recruiter for the date you requested.  Seats are limited, if you need to cancel please send an email to the same email address, you will be mark as a "NO SHOW" if you do not cancel in advance.


What: Candidate Assistance Information Seminar

Where: 7301 World Way West, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Time: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

About the Interview

Conducted at the city of Personnel Dept at 700 E. Temple (if you applied for LAPD as well, that interview score is shared with LAXPD)

There are three parts to every job interview. Each part is important.

  1. The Job is the duties and responsibilities that need to be done.
  2. The Interview Board is the men and women who make a judgement on how well your qualifications match the requirements of the job.
  3. Your Qualifications are your education, training and experience. You must show the interview board how well your qualifications fit the job.

Before the Interview

The job interview is probaly one of the most important events in your experience, since the relatively short time spent in the interview may determine your future career. Interviews are generally scheduled 25-35 minute intervals. Yet is is amazing how many apllicants come to interviews without any preparation.

Often applicants study for hours for a written test, but don't spend a fraction of that time preparing for the interview. Since the interview may determine at least half of the final grade, as much time should be spent preparing for the interview.

Some applicants assume they will qualify for a job because they meet the requirements described in the examination annoucement. This is not true! By meeting these requirements, you are qualified only to compete in the examination, which measures other important qualifications for the job. If you are successful in passing all parts of the examination, including the interview, you may then be considered for a job.

*If you have a disability which requires an accomodation in the interview and the examination analyst has not contacted you, you should contact the Examining Division of the Personnel Department.

Getting Ready

Be aware of the exact date, time and place of the interview. This may sound almost too basic to mention, but it's an unfortunate candidate who assumes that the interview is to be held in a certain place and then discovers two minutes before the interview that the appointment is somewhere else. Equally unfortunate is the candidate who arrives at the right place and time, only to find out that the appointment is tomorrow or worse, yesterday. Keep the interview notice with you. Don't rely on your memory.

Plan to arrive for your interview at least 15 minutes early. A few extra minutes will help to take care of unexpected emergencies.

You should present a neat, businesslike appearance for your job interview.

A review copy of your application and the examination annoucement should help you to prepare to answer questions related to the job you are applying for. You should review them immediately before the interview to make sure they are fresh in your mind.

During the Interview

Just as you are about to enter the interview room, the receptionist will tell you the name of the chairperson. The chairperson will introduce you to the other board members and ask you to sit down.

Your Conduct

Your courtesy, alertness, and self-confidence are important; so, try to speak in a self-assured tone of voice; smile occasionally; maintain eye contact with the interviewers as you listen and talk. Sit erect, but be relaxed; and be prepared to answer the interviewr's questions.

The board members realize that it is normal for people to feel nervous in this situation. Experienced interviewers will discount a certain amount of nervousness. If you are prepared to answer the questions that will be asked of you, you will probaly find that you will not be as nervous as when you are unprepared.

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