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The Gateways High School Internship Program is a selective internship opportunity designed to provide meaningful work experience to young adults potentially interested in a career in aviation or with the City of Los Angeles.

Please read the following requirements for participation in the Gateways High School Internship Program. By signing this agreement, the student agrees to each point and the parent(s) or guardian(s) agree to support the student’s involvement in the internship program. The purpose of this form is to acknowledge your support and consent of your child’s complete application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Allyson Lavalais (424) 646-7300 with Los Angeles World Airports Business and Job Resources Center.

The Student Must:

•   Attend an interview to be eligible for Gateways Internship Program

•   Attend mandatory orientation and badge training at LAX Personnel Department

•   Have reliable transportation

•   Agree to the terms of an internship commitment involving the Gateways Internship Program.

•   Abide by City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) regulations. 

  •  Abide by security regulations that include fingerprinting and background check prior to first day of reporting. Security training will be conducted at LAWA.
  •  Possess a valid California ID, Driver’s License, Social Security card, Birth certificate or passport. Student must bring state ID and Social Security card to interview if an interview is scheduled.  
  •  Work with a LAWA supervisor to provide a mutual gain for the student's career interest in aviation/government and LAWA’s dedication to success.
  •  Give 100% of my effort! 

    High School Volunteer Program Overview
    High School Volunteer Program

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