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A Universal Shudder

Artist: Eve Fowler

Terminal 2/3, Baggage Claim

Through her use of posters, billboards, and murals placed across the urban landscape, artist Eve Fowler’s public works highlight the vastly different meanings people can find in a single text.

For this series, Fowler took inspiration from the writings of seminal author Gertrude Stein. Extracting phrases from Stein’s 1914 book of poetry Tender Buttons, Fowler places Stein’s words in a new context by including them on murals based on the legendary designs of the Los Angeles Colby Poster Printing Company (1946-2012).

By placing Stein’s words outside of the context of the full texts, Fowler invites viewers to create their own interpretation for each phrase, reminding us that every text we encounter in the city contains as many meanings as there are residents of Los Angeles.

Eve Fowler lives and works in Los Angeles. A graduate of Temple and Yale Universities, Fowler’s work is included in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; The Hammer Museum; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; and The Smithsonian Institute. In addition to her studio practice, Fowler organizes Artist Curated Projects.

Curated by Jake Yuzna and BF Hall

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Photos courtesy of SKA Studios LLC. Click image to zoom.

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