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LA Made

Curators: Emily Zaiden & Alex Miller

Artists: Tanya Aguiñiga, Carrie Burckle, Ferne Jacobs, John Luebtow, Gerardo Monterrubio, Po Shun Leong, Karyl Sisson, Joan Takayama-Ogata

Terminal 1 Gate 9

Los Angeles has been an epicenter for craft in contemporary art since the mid-20th century. This exhibition of sculptural objects is filled with revelations about the evolving nature of contemporary craft in the region. Previously clear separations between craft media, the utilitarian and the conceptual have become blurred, allowing artists the freedom to explore these three simultaneously. These selected objects are indicative of the breadth and range of materials that artists draw upon to create art in the 21st century including ceramic, glass, fiber, metal, and wood.

For decades, these eight exemplary L.A. artists have contributed to the broadening of the conversation of what art can be. Beyond their individual works, these artists have also contributed deeply as teachers, influencing countless other artists with their diverse craft practices. They each manipulate materials to new ends; some innovate through selection of material, while others expand the lexicon of techniques used to produce work. They employ abstraction to very different ends: figuration, reflections of nature, depictions of L.A. life, studies of form, and politically charged messages. Each of these artists explores the metaphorical potential of their materials and draws upon historical precedent to imbue their work with meaning and beauty. Beyond the realm of design, these sculptural works help redefine how craft is viewed on the world stage.

This exhibition is organized by Craft in America, a Los Angeles-based organization and museum dedicated to promoting handmade works in all media.


Photos courtesy of Panic Studio LA.

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