11/08/17United A320 Vortex Generator
11/08/17Statistical Update (25L and PV)
11/08/17Aviation Noise News
09/20/17Presentation on 5 new or revised procedures
09/20/17Possible new or revised procedures
09/13/17Statistical Update (ST and EDA)
09/13/17SFO Roundtable Presentation
09/13/17DAHJR Altitude Analysis
09/13/17Aviation Noise News
07/12/17Status Update on Sound Insulation Programs
07/12/17Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, and Go-Around)
07/12/17Preliminary Analysis of PV Overflights
07/12/17Aviation Noise News
05/10/17UC Davis Symposium Summary
05/10/17Statistical Update (25L and PV)
05/10/17Extended Downwind Approach Comparison
05/10/17Aviation Noise News
03/08/17Statistical Update (ST and EDA)
03/08/17LAWA Update on Metroplex
03/08/17HR 598 Airplane Impacts Mitgation Act
03/08/17Aviation Noise News
01/11/17Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, and Go-Around)
01/11/17Discussion on Improving Meeting Format
11/09/16Summary of Monterey Park Recommendations
11/09/16Statistical Presentation (25L and PV)
11/09/16Roundtable 101 Session
11/09/16FAA North Downwind Arrivals Presentation
10/12/16FAA SoCal Metroplex Briefing
09/14/16Statistical Update (MP and ST)
09/14/16Review of Monterey Park Recommendations
09/14/16Review of Metroplex Final EA
09/14/16La Habra Heights Analysis
07/13/16Update on Sound Insulation Programs
07/13/16Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, Go-Around)
07/13/16Monterey Park Presentation
07/13/16LAWA Metroplex Briefing
07/13/16Follow-Up Discussion on North Arrival Study
07/13/16Aviation Noise News
06/08/16North Arrival Study Results
05/11/16Statistical Presentation (25L and PV)
05/11/16Aviation Noise News
05/11/16ACRP 02-44 Helicopter Noise Modeling Guidance
03/09/16UC Davis Noise Symposium
03/09/16Statistical Update (Loop, MP, ST)
03/09/16Stage 5 Noise Standard
03/09/16Aviation Noise News
03/09/16A320 Vortex Generator
01/13/16Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, Go-Around)
01/13/16LAX North Arrivals
01/13/16Aviation Noise News
01/13/16A320 Vortex Presentation
11/10/15Statistical Update (25L and PV)
11/10/15Pros and Cons of CNEL
11/10/15LAX Noise Complaints
11/10/15Aviation Noise News
11/10/15A320 Outreach Efforts
09/09/15Statistical Update (Loop, MP, ST)
09/09/15RSA Update and Related Operations
09/09/15RSA Project
09/09/15Ground Run Up Enclosure
09/09/15Aviation Noise News
07/08/15Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, Go-Around)
07/08/15Review of Metroplex Procedures
07/08/15Noise Mitigation Programs
07/08/15Aviation Noise News
05/13/15Statistical Presentation (25L and PV)
05/13/15So Cal Metroplex EA Process
05/13/15LAX Part 150 NEM Update
05/13/15Aviation Noise News
03/11/15Update on LOOP Departure Test
03/11/15Statistical Update (LOOP, ST, MP)
03/11/15LAX Part 161 Final Update
03/11/15Aviation Noise News
01/14/15Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, Go-Around)
01/14/15LAX Part 150 NEM Update
01/14/15Aviation Noise News
11/12/14Update on SFO Roundtable
11/12/14Statistical Update (25L and PV)
11/12/14Noise from A320 Family of Aircraft
11/12/14Aviation Noise News
11/12/14Aircraft Noise 101
09/10/14Statistical Update (Loop, MP, ST)
09/10/14LAX Heliport Update
09/10/14FAA Consideration of CatEx 2
09/10/14Aviation Noise News
09/10/14Air Traffic Control 101
07/09/14Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, Go-Around)
07/09/14LAX Part 161 Presentation
07/09/14FAA Briefing on LOOP Departure
07/09/14Aviation Noise News
07/09/14ACRP Discussion
05/14/14Status Report on Noise Mitigation Programs
05/14/14Statistical Update (25L and PV)
05/14/14LAX Part 150 NEM Update
05/14/14Briefing on Preferential Runway Use Report
05/14/14Aviation Noise News
03/12/14UC Davis Noise Symposium 2014
03/12/14LAX Part 150 NEM Update
03/12/14Aviation Noise News
03/12/14ACRP Report on Guidelines for Sound Insulation Programs
01/08/14Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, Go-Around)
01/08/14PDX Presentation
01/08/14FAA Presentation on So Cal OAPM
01/08/14 Aviation Noise News
11/13/13Statistical Update (25L and PV)
11/13/13Review of Recent Health Studies
11/13/13Fed Ex Noise Mitigation Efforts
11/13/13Aviation Noise News Presentation
09/11/13Statistical Update (LOOP, Extended Downwind, Short Turn)
09/11/13Aviation Noise News Update
07/10/13Update on LAX Tailored Arrivals
07/10/13Statistical Update (East Dep, Early Turn, Go-Around)
07/10/13Aviation Noise News Update
07/10/13ACRP FY2014 Problem Statements for Research Consideration
05/08/13Status Update on Noise Mitigation Programs
05/08/13Part 161 Update
05/08/13Aviation Noise News Update
03/13/13Update on ICAO-CAEP Aircraft Noise Stringency Standards
03/13/13Statistical Update on Aircraft Operations
03/13/13Briefing on SMO and LAX Departure Delay Issue
03/13/13Aviation Noise News Update
01/09/13Statistical Update on LAX Aircraft Operations
01/09/13FAA Presentation on OAPM Process
01/09/13Aviation Noise News Update
11/14/12Statistical Update on Aircraft Operations
11/14/12LAX Part 161 Presentation
11/14/12Aviation Noise News Update
09/12/12Statistical Update on LAX Aircraft Operations
09/12/12Roundtable Recommendations for FAA consideration for OAPM
09/12/12Aviation Noise News Update
07/11/12Windsor Hills Noise Investigation
07/11/12Statistical Update on LAX Aircraft Operations
07/11/12Aviation Noise News Update
07/11/12ACRP FY2013 Problem Statements for Research Consideration
05/09/12Status Report on Noise Mitigation Programs
05/09/12Aviation Noise News Update
05/09/12Aircraft Noise 101
03/14/12Update on LAX Part 161 Study
03/14/12Statistical Update on Aircraft Operations
03/14/12Briefing on UC Davis Noise Symposium
03/14/12Aviation Noise News Update
01/11/12Statistical Update on LAX Aircraft Operations
01/11/12LAX Part 161 Study Update
01/11/12FAA Presentation on LAX Arrivals near La Habra Hts
01/11/12Aviation Noise News Update
01/11/12ACRP FY 2013 Focus Area
11/09/11Statistical Update on Aircraft Operations
11/09/11Establish Working Relationships with Other Roundtables
11/09/11Aviation Noise News Update
09/14/11Statistical Update on LAX Aircraft Operations
09/14/11LAX Land Use Mitigation Programs
09/14/11FAA Analysis of LAX Arrivals near La Habra Heights
09/14/11Aviation Noise News Update
09/11/11Statistical Update on Aircraft Operations
07/13/11Statistical Update on Aircraft Operations
07/13/11Aviation Noise News Update
05/11/11Statistical Update on LAX Aircraft Operations
05/11/11Aviation Noise News Update
04/13/11Update on LAX Part 161 Study
04/13/11LAWA Analysis of LAX Arrivals near La Habra Hts
04/13/11Aviation Noise News Update
03/09/11East Operations Analysis
03/09/11Aviation Noise News Update
01/12/11Aviation Noise News Update
11/10/10Status Update on Airspace Redesign Project
11/10/10Statistical Update on LAX Aircraft Operations
11/10/10Aviation Noise News Update
09/20/10Low Frequency Noise Presentation
09/20/10First Look at LFN Data from Noise Monitoring System
09/20/10Aviation Noise News Update
07/14/10Summary of Noise Information on A380
07/14/10Runway 25L Departure Analysis
07/14/10Aviation Noise News Update
05/12/10Statistical Update on Aircraft Operating Procedures
05/12/10Interim Taxiways Safety Improvement Project
03/10/10ACRP Report on Noise Issues Outside 65 DNL
01/13/10NASA Oceanic Tailored Arrivals
11/18/09Stats on Aircraft In-Flight Procedures
09/09/09Stats on LAX Runway Use
09/09/09Southwest RNP Presentation
09/09/09NextGen Presentation
07/08/09SFO Roundtable Presentation
07/08/09Noise Analysis of Certain LAX Operations
06/10/09Update on FAA Reauthorization Bill
06/10/09Roundtable Funding Discussion
05/13/09Stats on LAX Runway Use
05/13/09Pratt and Whitney Presentation
04/08/09Stats on Aircraft In-Flight Procedures
04/08/09Part 36 Aircraft Noise Certification Stages
03/11/09Noise Symposium Presentation
03/11/09Noise 101 Presentation
02/11/09Stats on LAX Runway Use
02/11/09Noise Comparison B744 vs. A380
09/10/08LAX South Runways Utilization Analysis
07/09/08Stats on Aircraft In-Flight Procedures
06/11/08Airbus A380 Presentation
05/14/08Ground Run-Up Monitor
02/13/08Stats on Aircraft In-Flight Procedures
01/09/08RNAV Procedures Update by Walter White
11/14/07Stats on Aircraft In-Flight Procedures
07/18/07Holtz7 Data Comparison 2007
01/10/07Runway 25L Closure Analysis
11/08/06Update on LAX Departures - Walter White
05/10/06LAX SPAS Presentation
02/09/05FTDS Flight Tracks Presentation
01/14/04Flight Tracks Presentation
03/26/03FAA PV Presentation to Roundtable
10/16/02LAX Part 161 Study Presentation
08/07/02FAA KWYET Procedure Presentation
10/11/00NOMAD Data Collection