11/13/17FAA Response to RT Letter dated 10-1-17
11/02/17FAA Response to Roundtable Letter dated 9-23-17
10/01/17Letter to FAA on DAHJR Waypoint
09/23/17Letters to FAA on flight procedures and other matters
09/08/17FAA Response on TSAS Tool
09/07/17FAA Response on Invitation for Sept 2017 Meeting
08/22/17Letter to FAA on TSAS Tool
03/29/17Letter supporting H.R. 598 AIM Act
02/02/17Letters to Jurisdictions Confirming Membership Standing
08/11/16Letter to FAA on LAX Arrival Routes
03/23/16Letter to FAA on Stage 5 Noise Standard
09/02/15Letter to FAA regarding SoCal Metroplex Draft EA
06/11/15Letter requesting extension of SoCal Metroplex comment period
04/08/15Letter regarding GML retirement
10/15/14Letter to FAA on Categorical Exclusion for PBN Procedures
07/09/14Letter to Interested Parties on LAX Part 161
07/09/14Letter to FAA on LAX Part 161
06/12/14Culver City Letter of Request for Membership
03/17/14Letter to BOAC on LAX Heliport
01/16/14FAA Early Notification Letter for OAPM Environmental Assessment
01/08/14FAA Response to Roundtable OAPM Letter
09/17/13Letter to ACRP on Helicopter Routes
07/10/13Letter to ACRP on FY2014 Problem Statements
05/08/13Letters supporting L.A. Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act of 2013
12/03/12Letter to LAWA Supporting the LAX Part 161 Study
09/24/12Letter to FAA regarding Program Guidance Letter
09/24/12Letter to FAA on OAPM Recommendations with Attachments
07/11/12Letter to ACRP on FY2013 Problem Statements for Research Selection
01/23/12Letters to support Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Relief Act
01/13/12Letter to ACRP on Focus Area for FY2013 Program
07/28/11Letters to Janice Hahn and Senate Conferees on FAA Reauthorization Bill
07/15/11Letter to ACRP on FY2012 Problem Statements for Research Selection
07/14/11Letter from City of La Habra Heights to Join Roundtable
05/25/11Letter on High Speed Rail Route to Palmdale
03/25/11Letter on Categorical Exclusion
01/19/11Letter to ACRP on Focus Area for FY2012 Program
12/03/10Letter to FAA on JEDDD procedure--With Response
07/20/10Letters to Congressional and Senatorial Reps on FAA Reauthorization Bill
07/20/10Letter to ACRP supporting 4 research topics
07/12/10Welcome Letters for New Members
04/21/10LAWA letters to Airlines requesting their participation in RT
08/07/09Letter from UHA regarding alternative representative
08/04/09Letters to Jurisdictions Requesting Funding Support
04/08/09LAWA Letter Regarding UC Symposium
03/11/09Letters to Jurisdictions Requesting Participation at Roundtable
02/11/09Letter to LAWA on Overlap of Meetings
02/11/09Letter to FAA on Airspace Redesign Funding
01/14/09Letters of Interest to serve as At-Large members
11/12/08Letter to BOAC on facilitator funding issue
11/07/08Letter from LAXACC on Roundtable Facilitator
10/09/08Letter from Rosendahl on Roundtable Facilitator
08/05/08Letter from LAXAAC on Change of Alternate Reps
06/11/08Letter to BUR commenting on Part 161
02/13/08Letter to Long Beach Mayor regarding FedEx flight
02/13/08Letter to LAWA on Roundtable Facilitator Selection
02/13/08Letter to Fed Ex on B727 Phase Out
02/13/08Letter to ACRP on Research Suggestions
02/13/08Commendation Letter for Water White
02/13/08Commendation Letter for Walt Gillfillan
07/18/07Letter to LAWA on Taxiway CC--with response
05/01/07Letters to Congressional Reps on FAA Reauthorization Bill
05/01/07Letter to LAWA on new NMS capabilities
05/01/07Letter to ATA on Roundtable participation--with response
09/07/06Letter to FAA supporting CDA procedure--with response
09/07/062nd Letter to FAA on Airspace Redesign Funding
02/08/061st Letter to FAA on Airspace Redesign Funding--with response
05/25/05Recognition Letter for FAA--with response
05/25/05Letter to City Attorney on Avigation Easements
02/09/05Lettert to FAA commenting on FAA Order 5050.4B
01/26/05Letter to Affected Communties on Turboprop East Departures
11/10/04Letter to FAA commenting on 14 CFR Part 150
10/13/04Letter to TRB suggesting research topics-- with response
10/13/04Letter to COE suggesting research topics
04/14/04Letter to Caltrans on Noise Variance--response included
03/17/04Letter to FAA on RNAV for Turboprop East Departures--with response
02/11/04Letter to U.S. DOT commenting on Stage 4 Noise Standards
02/11/04Letter to FAA on Class B Airspace Modification
10/21/03Letter to FAA regarding FedEx flight from LGB
05/21/03Letter to UHA regarding membership
05/21/03Letter to FAA on PV overflights--with response
02/12/03Letter to U.S. DOT on SFR related to KWYET procedure
02/12/03Letter to LAWA regarding FedEx flight from LGB
02/12/03Letter to FAA on KWYET procedure
02/12/03Letter to Congressman Rohrabacher on Roundtable participation
11/13/02Letter to FAA on Monterey Park overflights
10/03/02Thank you letters for Airlines participation on East Departures
10/03/02Thank you letter to LAWA for arranging airlines to be at RT
07/31/02Letter to Mayor Hahn on LAX Master Plan Alternative D
07/19/02LAWA letters to airlines on East Departures--with responses
07/10/02Letter to FAA on Go Around, LOOP, and Arrival Altitude
07/01/02Letter to LAWA requesting arrangement for airlines participation
12/03/01Letter to Congressional Reps on S. 633
12/03/01Letter to Congressional Reps on H.R 2107
12/03/01Invitation Letter to Carl Burleson
09/12/01Letter to FAA on notification of FAA environmental actions
09/12/01Letter to FAA on National Noise Policy