The Official Song of LAX

(Words and music by Leanne Scott)
(Used by permission Sony Tree Publishing)

Standing in that silent hall; Waitin' for that final call
Says he doesn't love me anymore
Shakin' hands, I pack a bag; Tremblin' voice, I call a cab
Slowly I start walkin' through the door;

The cab arrives, he blows his horn
I stumble out in the early morn'
Tell him of the place I've got to go
Hit a hundred signal lights; Peterbilts in a traffic fight
Gettin' to these doors has been so slow. ...


L.A. International Airport
Where the big jet engines roar
L.A. International Airport
I won't see him anymore.

Stewardess in a mini-skirt; Hippie in a leather shirt
Starlet on her way to Naples, Rome
While I'm wonderin' where it's at; I see a Paris diplomat
College kids are tryin' to get back home;

Baggage car goes quickly by; See my case and I start to cry
Stumble to the lounge to be alone
And while I'm tryin' to get some rest; I bite my lips and try my best
To fight the pain that's makin' me leave home.


With silver wings across the sky; Vapor trails that wave goodbye
To those below who've got to stay at home
I wish that I had flown at night; So I could take that Champagne flight
Rid myself of every tear I own;

Soaring high above the heavens; In a seven-forty-seven
Fighting back the tears that curse my eyes
Captain's voice so loud and clear; Amplifies into my ear
Assuring me I'm flying friendly skies.



L.A. International Airport 2003

(Music by Leanne Scott; words by Bill Anthony, Steve Duchesne and Eric Rose)
(Used by permission Sony Tree Publishing)

Traffic humming in my ears, as my destination nears
The runway waits beside a sea so blue
Sun is laughing in the sky, ocean breeze rolls softly by
I miss LA as much as I miss you
Memories packed away, Hear the curbside skycap say
Thanks for flying L-A-X again
Standing in the boarding hall, Waiting for the final call
California dreaming never ends


LA International Airport
The great Pacificís welcome door
LA International Airport
Iíll be coming back for more

Faces from the silver screen, business people, beauty queen
A place of special magic all its own
I think about our rendezvous, houses bathed in pastel hues
Where coming back is just like coming home
Rolling hills, vista views, nights that wash away the blues
A shining city breathing in the sun
Never stay away for long, LA is where I belong
Loving, laughing, living, having fun


Silver wings across the sky, vapor trails wave goodbye
To you and all who call the city home
Iím in LA state of mind, to hear the surf, just unwind
And build a fantasy to call my own
Then I hear the Captain say, buckle up weíre on our way
I watch the sea below me gently churn
Soaring high on clouds so light, staring down on seas so bright
City of the Angels Iíll return

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