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Airport Community Emergency Preparedness And Terminal Evacuation Training

General Information

LAWA Emergency Management, Airport Police, Airport Operations, and Los Angeles Fire Department


Airport Community Emergency Preparedness and Terminal Evacuation Training          
(click here for the training bulletin)         

To schedule a training please contact Richard Chong at

Training Supplements

Here are two short video clips on what to do during an active shooter situation. Please control your volume setting.
Department of Homeland Security on “Active Shooter Situation: Options for consideration (select the title “RUN. HIDE. FIGHT”)

Training presentation slides

Additional Emergency Management Training Opportunities

• Level 1 - Airport Community Emergency Preparedness and Terminal Evacuation
• Level 2 - Tour of the Airport Response Coordination Center (ARCC) and the Department Operations Center (DOC)  
• Level 3 - Incident Command System (ICS) 100, 200 on-line courses
National Incident Management System IS 700 on-line course

Minimum recommendation
advancing to the next level of ICS is based on your discipline and responder role

• Level 4 - "Prepare U" by the American Red Cross (to be announced)
• Level 5 - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) by LAFD (to be announced)
• Level 6 - CPR/AED Training

- Emergency Preparedness Video

The following emergency preparedness video is being provided to the LAWA Community as an ongoing effort to ensure everyone is aware of what to do during an emergency. The video includes information on building and terminal evacuations, an active shooter incident and an earthquake. Additional life/safety awareness includes the ramp hazards encountered in an airport environment. In order to collect the training data, related to this video, you are requested to register, provide your badge number and take a short survey at the end of the video.