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Certified Service Provider Program (CSPP) - Certified Service Provider License Agreement (CSPLA)

What is it?

The CSPP is an important tool to improve the safety and security objectives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The goal of the CSPP is to certify individuals and/or businesses providing specific services at LAX that result in high quality customer service, vehicle and equipment safety, facilities use and employee training.

What are the key requirements for a CSPLA?

  • A contract with an airline, tenant, recognized consortium and/or Certified Service Provider (CSP) at LAX
  • Have, or demonstrate the ability to secure, appropriate operational space at LAX
  • Demonstrate capacity to perform contracted services without the use of subcontractors

Who should apply ?

  • Companies that provide airfield and terminal services to an airline, tenant, recognized consortium, and/or CSP client at LAX
  • Airlines, tenants, and/or recognized consortiums that service other airlines, tenants, and/or recognized consortiums at LAX

Who should not apply ?

  • Construction contractors
  • Companies contracted by LAWA (for any service)
  • Companies contracted by government agencies (for any service)
  • LAWA Concessionaires contracted to provide services at LAX, per competitive bid process
  • LAWA Contracted Vendors
  • Airlines providing services for themselves
CSPLA Application 
Please submit your CSPLA application and save and email a copy with attachments to:
PDF-Fillable Application

Companies are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q. Page) page. For questions and comments about CSPP, please contact Airfield Permits at airfieldpermits@lawa.org or at (424) 646-5880


CSPLA Application Status 
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CSPLA Sample Documents & Forms
Letter of Intent    Company Authorization Letter   
Letter of Verification    Services & Locations   
Monthly Accounting Report    Work Experience   
CSPLA Blanket Agreement    Application Checklist   
Agency Violations Form    Facilities & Lease Space Information   
Employee Break Rooms    Additional Leasing Information   
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Vehicle Inventory List    Equipment Inventory List   
Contractor Responsibility Program Package     Sublease/License Confirmation Letter


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