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A New Initiative to Promote Airfield Safety at VNY

At VNY, airport safety is one of our top priorities. One way we’re ensuring the safety and security of people conducting business at VNY is the “Bottom Line, Don’t Cross the Red Line” awareness campaign. This campaign is a reminder to all airport tenants and guests to remain inside the red leasehold lines when visiting VNY. Red surface painted lines are what depict the boundaries of a tenant’s leasehold.

Tenants should make contact with their visitors at the tenant’s pedestrian or vehicle gate, and under “positive control”, escort the visitor to the respective facility, hangar or aircraft tie down area. Gate codes or clickers should never be given to visitors.

• Remain on your leasehold
• Do not leave visitors unattended.
• Do not cross the red line without an MVOP or proper escort.
• When in doubt – Call Ops (818) 442-6506

Following these simple guidelines will increase overall operational safety and create a pleasant VNY experience for the tenant and visitor.